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How to sign up your Fire and Rescue Service to the HeForShe Movement

From the Global Fire Service Advocate for the HeForShe movement, find out how to sign up your organisation and advice for those who are passionate about ending gender inequality.

Step 1

First thing, fantastic that you’ve found out about the UN Women’s HeForShe movement and want to be a part of it.

As an individual it is easy, you simply press the “I commit” button on the HeforShe movement website and complete the required form.

As an organisation there is no right or wrong way, just your way.

Make sure you contact us, Humberside Fire and Rescue Service (HFRS), so we are aware as Global Fire Service Advocates and are there to support you on your journey.

Step 2 - Identify who you need support from, possible suggestions:

  • Equality Officers/Team
  • HR/OD/Communication Team
  • Equality Champions
  • Interested/passionate staff and leaders
  • Other FRSs that have signed up
  • HeforShe Movement website for ideas/information

Step 3 – Getting support from your Senior Team

You may already have their support and understanding as part of step 2. Either way, most organisations need to formally acknowledge signing up the organisation to an external movement.

At HFRS this was done by producing a document for the Senior Leadership Team and Fire Authority, and gaining support of our CFO and FA Chair, who have become passionate allies of the Movement.

Step 4 – Educate, Communicate, Produce Commitments

So, you have got interested staff/teams and buy in from your senior team, now to engage with the wider workforce, educate and communicate what HeforShe is and isn’t. Work with your comms team to draw up a communication plan to raise awareness, engage with staff and identify your champions in the workplace.

After raising awareness and gaining interest from staff, time to identify two or more commitments that promote gender equality. This can be done via an engagement/awareness event, or a task and finish group, or by being attached to work already planned or being carried out.

Please note these aren’t set in stone for ever more, you can add to them or update them as your organisation completes previous ones.  Make sure there is a method of measuring your progress and evaluating the benefits to your organisation of committing to the Movement, a before and after evidence base.

Step 5 – Selecting a launch date

Email HFRS with the planned date for committing to the movement and we’ll send you the editable HeForShe artwork so you can add to documents, website and other event materials for your planned date/event.

We’ll also inform our Corporate Communications Team so they can keep an eye on your social media and share posts.

Further Information

There’s more information about the movement and active kits at the HeForShe website.