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Principles and Behaviours

Defined and developed by our staff, our Principles and Behaviours identify what we believe make Humberside Fire and Rescue Service what it is.

Leadership - we lead by example and respect the views of others

We encourage honesty and openness and take pride in our fair and consistent approach. We lead by example and are inspirational in our field.


  • I treat all with respect and motivate others
  • I lead by example knowledgeably and decisively
  • I am approachable, open and listen to others
  • I am honest, fair and consistent

Passion - we are proud and enthusiastic

We are proud to represent an organisation which is committed to serving our communities with enthusiasm. Our self-motivation drives our success.


  • I am committed to promoting a positive image of myself and the organisation
  • I believe in the work I do and I care about the service I provide
  • I am motivated and dedicated to achieve what is expected of me
  • I enjoy working as part of a team and understand the value of being a team player

Innovation - we encourage creativity and are adaptable 

We encourage creativity and are adaptable to the change this brings. We are forward thinking and progressive in our approach to new ideas.


  • I am progressive and seek to make improvements
  • I am forward thinking and embrace new ideas

Dependability - we will always deliver 

We are reliable and consistent in our approach. Our communities, partners and colleagues trust us to deliver


  • I consistently strive to deliver the best results
  • I support the team to achieve its collective goals
  • I am approachable, flexible and responsible for my actions
  • I maintain my competence and aim to be the best that I can be