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On-Call Firefighter

On-Call firefighters are a group of men and women who do everyday jobs, but are ready to respond to an emergency incident the moment their alerter goes off.

They are trained and developed to the same standard as our Full-time firefighters (people whose primary employment is for the Fire Service) so that they can save lives, rescue people from road traffic collisions and undertake community safety work to make a real difference within their localities.

You need to live or work within five minutes (driving at normal road speed) of an On-Call fire station. You have to be flexible in your work because no-one can predict when you’ll be called out, each firefighter carries an ‘alerter’ so that they can respond when required.

There is a basic salary based on the specified hours declared in a Firefighters Availability Profile and an additional payment for responding and attending incidents.

Shift System

Most of our On-Call firefighters have full-time occupations outside of the Fire and Rescue Service, and with agreement from their employers they can be released from their normal occupation to attend incidents as and when required. As such they have agreed to commit themselves when required, this commitment includes:

  • A requirement to attend a weekly drill period
  • A requirement to attend weekend training courses as and when necessary
  • A commitment to respond to emergency calls


You'd be required to take part in some selections tests, known as the NFST (National Fire Select Test). 

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