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Career progression

We provide development opportunities for member of staff who show interest to progress within Humberside Fire and Rescue Service.

We actively support staff to undertake professional examinations provided through the Institute of Fire Engineers (IFE), which is respected globally in the fire sector.

We make sure all of our staff are trained and prepared for all roles and managerial levels, increasing the number of specialisms staff can perform.

Firefighters can start their progression by demonstrating skills to lead crews, watches or fire stations. Other routes include becoming a specialist in areas such as fire safety, fire investigation, hazardous materials, technical rescue or command support.

Crew Managers are mainly responsible for fire engines and their crew. They may also take charge of smaller incidents and provide support to Watch Managers.

Watch Managers lead a number of smaller teams at larger incidents. They may also work in a number of specialised day duty based roles such as training, emergency preparedness, health and safety and fire safety inspection.

Station Managers are mainly responsible for effective service delivery at one or more fire stations and like Watch Managers, they also work in a number of specialist roles throughout the Service and may also command larger incidents.

Group Managers are responsible for ensuring our services are delivered effectively across a geographic area (such as Local Authority area) or manage teams such as Public Safety and Corporate Assurance.

Directors are responsible for strategic areas and teams that support the Service's Strategic Plan. They may also command large incidents.

The Deputy Chief Fire Officer has strategic responsibility for Service Delivery, which includes Emergency Response and Public Safety, and directly supports the Chief Fire Officer and Chief Executive.

The Chief Fire Officer and Chief Executive leads Humberside Fire and Rescue Service and is responsible for ensuring the Service delivers its strategic objectives, keeping the people and properties in the Humberside area safe.