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Online application and tests

The following elements detail the initial stages of the 2018 Wholetime Duty System (Full-time) selection process. All sections must be completed in full in order to submit your application.

Initial Candidate Registration

Log on and create an account first. Then you will input information such as personal details and equality monitoring data.

Realistic Job Preview

Self-selection questionnaire which presents candidates with 11 specific demands and challenges which you could face as a firefighter. At that point, you can choose whether to continue with the application or not.

Eligibility Screen

Looks at specific areas that might preclude someone from being suitable for example, not 18 at the start of the training, no full driving licence.

Behavioural Styles Questionnaire

A link to the Behavioural Styles Questionnaire will be emailed on 13 August 2018 to those people who have been successful in the first part of the selection process. The questionnaire consists of a series of questions based around the qualities and attributes required of a firefighter. Candidates will be asked to rate the extent to which they agree or disagree with 96 statements covering a number of areas for example, working with others, problem solving and communication. 

Ability Tests

The three ability tests: Verbal Reasoning (20 questions), Numerical Reasoning (18 questions) and Mechanical Reasoning (20 questions). Each test has a time limit and questions are randomised. All questions are relevant to the Fire Service.

Example tests are available below, please note the links below open up a new web page.

Verbal Reasoning

Numerical Reasoning

Mechanical Reasoning

These test your English and Math skills, if you wish to improve these ahead of the online process there are various courses within the Humberside area, click here to find out more. 

Situational Judgement Test

Candidates are presented with 20 scenarios that depict typical situations a firefighter could face and are required to rate the effectiveness of each action.

Reasonable adjustments

Before the Ability Tests are undertaken, candidates are asked whether they have dyslexia. If so, please contact our Recruitment Team by email with evidence of your diagnosis. Once confirmed, candidates will be allocated extra time (normally 25%) to complete the three timed tests.

If there are other reasonable adjustments in relation to disability, individuals are asked to email the recruitment email address with their enquiry providing as much detail as possible.

Any questions or problems you may encounter should be directed in email to the recruitment email address

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