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Customer Service Feedback

We have achieved a customer satisfaction rating of 85% excellence from our customer service feedback forms during 2018.

2018 Customer Service Satisfaction Percentage
Excellent 85 %
Good 12 %
Satisfactory 3%
Unsatisfactory 0%
Very Unsatisfactory 0%



Our target is to improve upon this year on year and continue to provide customer service excellence.

It is important that we have your opinion on how we are providing services to our local communities.

By completing the Customer Service Feedback questionnaire, you are helping us to continually improve the many services we offer. Please click here for a printable version of the form.

On this page you will find a summary of quotes from the customer service feedback we have received from 2018/19 onwards.

December 2018

East Riding " The response I received on the phone was excellent, carry on the good work". Low Risk Information Service.
Hull " Very efficient friendly service". Safe and Well Visit.


November 2018

North East Lincolnshire " Continue doing a great job". School Safety Awareness.
North Lincolnshire " Leaflet regarding Paraffin based creams is very useful". Safe and Well Visit.


October 2018

Hull " Fantastic service and support". Safe and Well Visit.
North Lincolnshire " No improvements needed, all aspects covered". Fire Risk Awareness.


September 2018

East Riding "Very prompt service". Safe and Well Visit.
Hull "Excellent Service". Safe and Well Visit.

August 2018

Hull "Service very good. Advocate spoke clearly so we both could understand. You are doing a great job, thank you". Safe and Well Visit.
North Lincolnshire "Excellent service". Safe and Well Visit.

July 2018

East Riding " I requested information as my husband has Alzheimers. We found the information given was very helpful and we are grateful for the fitting of the smoke detectors". Safe and Well Visit.
North Lincolnshire "The two people that came were helpful". Safe and Well Visit.
North East Lincolnshire " Learnt what to do in a kitchen fire. Good to have a visit. 100% reassurance". Safe and Well Visit.

June 2018

Hull "Overwhelmed with the great service". Fire Risk Awareness.
North East Lincolnshire "Crews were so nice". Emergency Response.

May 2018

North Lincolnshire "Very clear and helpful suggestions". Safe and Well Visit.
North East Lincolnshire " Very professional". Safe and Well Visit.

April 2018

Hull "The service I received was first class from beginning to end. Well done to all of you". Safe and Well Visit.
East Riding "Very speedy response". Safe and Well Visit.
North East Lincolnshire "I would like to emphasize how impressed I was with the advocates who came to me. They were so cheerful, kind, helpful and efficient". Safe and Well Visit.

March 2018

East Riding "Service could not be improved". Safe and Well Visit.

February 2018

Hull "Nothing could be improved upon". Safe and Well Visit.
East Riding "Very impressed with response and follow up". Emergency Response.

January 2018

Hull "Advertise more of the great work the Fire Service do". Safe and Well Visit.
East Riding "You all do a very good job". Safe and Well Visit.
North East Lincolnshire "Excellent service". Safe and Well Visit.