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Messages of thanks 2021

On this page you will find a summary of the messages of thanks we have received in 2021. 


Hi would like to pass thanks on to the first responder from Withernsea Fire Station who attended my mother on the 7/1/21, he was professional and put her at ease until the ambulance got there. Thanks 


I would just like to thank White Watch at Peaks Lane Fire Station who attended my father-in-laws house last night in Grimsby. My father-in-law had collapsed and your team of professionals were on hand to assist the paramedics. In a highly emotional environment your team displayed the highest standards of service and empathy towards my family and I thank you for that. 

Thanks were sent to the Watch Manager of Red Watch at Peak Lane Fire Station, for passing on the necessary information to safely dispose of some soon to be expired red parachute flares. "He went out his way to find me the most upto date information about the disposal and also phoned me later on to pass on the contact information of a local Police Authority to assist in the said disposal."

Howden Station have recieved a special thank you from Yorkshire Ambulance Service for their assistance with a recent incident, stating " they were very helpful, Josh in particular".


On Thursday, we had a fire hidden in the chimney and the team from Beverley Fire Staion came to our rescue. We would like to thank them all for their hard work and attention in saving our lives and property.
Also please thank them for all the advice that they have given us in regards to safety and also the two alarms that they have fitted for us.

Our Falls Team have received a number of thanks from members of the public over the last few weeks, these are a few examples: "This is a brilliant service, very quick response times. Immediately put my husband at ease, although in pain. Very good communications skills, also taking into account my husband's dementia. Very supportive with great team work re - care provided. Also very concerned re - myself and if I was alright - thank you so much for this service" "Staff attending were very courteous and did not make me feel like a nuisance. Were very careful to make sure that my dignity was maintained was observed at all times." "Fantastic crew. Very happy, second time I've used the service." "Brilliant. Blue watch. Fantastic."

Epworth Fire Station received a message of thanks from a member of the public, thanking the First Responder who attended an incident in November. "The gentleman was there within minutes and showed great care and compassion." 

A member of the public would like to thank Epworth Fire Station for everything they do in keeping the local community safe. "Thank you to all of you and the help you have given to many people."

A firefighter at Epworth Fire Station received a message of thanks for their great work whilst carrying out First Responder duties. "He was amazing, very calm and understanding."

The First Responder at Epworth Fire Station received praised for their quick response and professionalism. A member of the public said,  "Thank you and keep up the great work."

A mother of a 12 year old, would like to thank the crew at Epworth Fire Station, for their acknowledgement of her son whilst at an incident. "It abolutely made his day, he loves fire engines and firefighters."

A grateful resident wants to thank the Hull Blue Watch crews "for saving my life, if it wasn’t for the person who performed CPR I wouldn’t be here now.” 

Peaks Lane Blue Watch recieved a lovely thank you card from a member of the public, thanking them for all they do and making her 3 year old son happy on his birthday. "My little boy was over the moon and you made his lockdown birthday a great day."


One little girl was delighted when Calvert Lane Red Watch waved back at her. "She's obsessewd with the emergency services, she was so excited when they got a call and put the sirens on."

I am not sure which fire station attended my address on the morning of the 1st of April but just want to express my thanks and say how nice they were to me as l felt so guilty having them come out to a hedge fire. Once again l send my apologies and thank you for being so kind. Best wishes to you all.

Epworth Fire Station received a thank you card from members of the public, "Thank you for your help during an incident" 

On 31 March, Crews at Scunthorpe Fire Station carried out an exercise at Keadby Power Station. SSE Thermal would like to convey their thanks to Jason Frary, Timothy Theaker and the Crews for their knowledge and professionalism whilst carrying out this exercise. These types of exercises demonstrate good communication and collaborate working. This helps ensure site emergency response plans meet the needs not only for the Company but also the responding emergency services.

A Specialist Nurse from Humber Mental Health Trust called to pass on her thanks to Public Safety Advocate Allan Bell for carrying out a Safe and Well visit to one of her patients, which was urgently required.


Various fundraising activities across the Service raised £1,061 for the Fire Fighters Charity Christmas Fundraising effort. Rich Gibson received a certificate in thanks for all the contributions from the Service. Well done everyone involved.

Thank you to the EMAS Team from Richard Hunter, the Ambulance Operations Manager who wanted to say "a heartfelt thanks to the team for the support that has been shown to us over the last year; I'm sure without it we wouldn’t be in the position we are today."

First Responders - A letter was sent to the CFO, with grateful thanks from a resident to Jo Jessop and Terry Bowey for their kindness, professionalism and humanity when helping with a medical incident.

Goole Blue Watch, a happy ending - Thank you Goole Fire Station who, this afternoon, came to rescue my friends horse who was stuck in the river. They did a fantastic job, kept everything calm and organised, and a great outcome when Bix was pulled out and able to stand and is now recovering in his stable.

Thank you from Longford Fire and Rescue Service, Ireland who have taken charge of our old HP  "It went into service about a week ago; we still have to make some small alterations to it but everyone that has operated it is delighted. We now have the appliance on an Irish plate and have just completed an Instructors Course. 
Thank you and Humbersidefire for all of your help."

Dear Chris, thank you for taking the time to come to Bryan's funeral to pay your respects. My family and I were very grateful to Humberside Fire and Rescue Service for giving Bryan such a dignified send off. We were all very proud when we saw the Guard of Honour and the engine escorting the funeral cortege from Beverley Fire Station to the Minster. Best Wishes.

Just to say thank you to all our local fire service personnel for your attendance at a fire on Saturday night. The swift response and action you took undoubtedly prevented the situation from becoming much worse. On a positive note, the situation tested our response in a real-life fire situation and any lessons learned from the experience will be implemented. Also on a positive note, it is reassuring to know that essential cover from your Service is available in minutes. Everyone would like to extend their gratitude to you all.