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Message of thanks

On this page you will find a summary of the messages of thanks we have received in 2020. 


A member of the public called to express her thanks to crews at Driffield Fire Station following an RTC in which she was involved in. She said that she has no doubts that the crews contributed to her still being here today. 

A member of the public shared a letter of thanks to crews at Scunthorpe Fire Station following a visit by him and his nephew. He said: "The visit proved to be an interesting and successful day."

A member of the public wrote to "express her sincere gratitude" to Driffield Fire Station following their attendance to an oven fire. 

Firefighters Steve Baxter and Tyler Marshall were thanked following their assistance with a co-responder. 

A letter of thanks has been received by Blue Watch at Clough Road Fire Station from Walker Modular, thanking the crew for their work in tackling a fire in late 2019. "Your speed, bravery and professionalism ensured that the fire was subdued and under control within minutes of your arrival. As an emergency service you are second to none and we can all sleep soundly knowing you are watching over us."


Toni Proctor, Business Safety Inspector, received a thanks from a worker at a premises following a recent visit. They said: "Thanks for your support, we really appreciate your genuine approach to making sure we are doing everything correctly."

Neighbours of a property fire called to express their thanks, appreciation and admiration of the Fire Service recently. 

Clough Road Blue Watch recieved a message of thanks following an incident earlier this month. The member of the public said "Throughout they were understanding and sympathetic offering advice and reassurance."

Beverley and Bransholme Fire Stations both recieved a message of thanks for the assistance they gave during the recent floods. They said "they went above and beyond to help him keep the water out’".

The Children’s University have sent a message of thanks to our Education and Development Centre Team. It said "Last week was absolutely amazing! The children gained so much from the day – the smiles on their faces said it all. Your staff were fantastic too"


Snaith Fire Station recieved numerous messages of thanks from residents in Snaith and Cowick following the severe floods in the area. One letter said: "Thank you very much for helping the community with the flooding. I am very greatful for everything you have done".

A resident from Hornsea would like to thank the crew from Hornsea Fire Station after calling them out twice in two weeks.

Amanda Russel, Community Safety Advocate, recieved a personal thank you letter following work in supporting a vulnerable customer.

Our Control operators and Beverley Fire Station have recived a message of thanks. The letter said: "The member of control staff was brilliant and so were the crews"

John Rowland, Road Safety Advocate and Kevin Freer, Community Safety Advocate recieved a message from St Vincents Academy. The letter said: "Thank you so much for coming to our school, we really appreciate it. And thank you for your patience and teaching us all about road safety".

Sarah Russell and Alan Sayles from the North Lincs Public Safety Team recieved a thank you from a resident in Scawby. The resident wanted to pass on their thanks Sarah and Alan for sorting out a faulty alarm. They said how lovely and kind Sarah was and Al was a “lovely chap”.