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Messages of thanks 2018

On this page you will find a summary of the letters of thanks we have recieved in 2018.

January 2018

Peaks Lane Fire Station Blue Watch

Peaks Lane Blue Watch received a letter of thanks from the CARE Christmas Appeal for all the kind donations to the Christmas food bank. Peaks Lane were aided by the groups that have become partners via Community Safety.

Through the generosity of these groups, the Toys of Joy Scheme gave away 3,000 gifts this year to local babies, children and teenagers and 55 Hampers filled to the brim with festive goodies were given out to families and individuals in need across Grimsby and the Daily Bread Food Larder was busy giving out essential food parcels in the run up to Christmas.

Michelle Pidd and Melanie Gough - North Lincolnshire Public Safety team

Michelle Pidd and Melanie Gough have received flowers as a thank you for supporting a lady during a safe and well visit and going the extra mile to help clear her room.
Creative Support Limited, who are a supportive care service for the community, visited and presented the flowers to Michelle, Melanie and the North Lincolnshire public safety team for their swift and professional response to a vulnerable lady. 

Peaks Lane Fire Station

The Service received the following message in a thank you card, “I would like to thank you and all involved for the invite to Peaks Lane, Grimsby for Christmas Dinner on Friday. I was truly amazed with everyone, all the staff and firefighters were amazing. I could not believe the generosity, friendliness and how beautiful the cooked meal was. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and did not expect the gifts. Thank you for making my Christmas". 

Public Safety team – North Lincolnshire

A letter of thanks has been received by the North Lincolnshire public safety team for collecting a much needed food bank donation over the festive period. A co-ordinator at the foodbank wrote, “I am delighted to acknowledge receipt of food, please convey my heartfelt thanks to all those involved for the wonderful difference your service is making.’

Public Safety team - North Lincolnshire - Andrea Stansfield, Michelle Pidd and Rachel Mansell

A thank you card was received, from an elderly lady who needed assistance following a fall in the community, witnessed by Andrea Stansfield, Michelle Pidd and Rachell Mansell.
Andrea, Michelle and Rachel came across an elderly lady who had fallen,badly cut her hand and needed medical attention. During a call to emergency services, one of the advocates was informed there may be a three hour wait. 
Having been fully trained in first aid, the girls administered basic first aid and gave reassurance to the elderly lady. A call was made to the daughter of the lady and the lady was taken to hospital.

Driffield Fire Station and Technical Rescue team from Immingham East Fire Station

A message of thanks was received from social media, from a lady who needed assistance rescuing her horse in a metal gate. "I owe you so much thanks for rescuing my trapped horse, with so much time and patience and a happy ending".

February 2018

East Riding Community Safety team

Sam Whorley and Walter Brown received a message thanks from Pat Tuohy at Prison Me No Way. Pat praised Sam and Walter for delivering a successful Crime Awareness Day at Howden School and said "they are a brilliant team".

Bransholme Fire Station Red Watch

Bransholme Red Watch have received a message of thanks for attending an event in their community recently. Children who attended had a fantastic time and said thank you.

March 2018

Clough Road Fire Station White Watch

A message of thanks was received from Hull City Council thanking the crew for attending an incident at Costello playing fields in Hull.  “They were very efficient and dealt with the incident so quickly and professionally.

Epworth Fire Station

Epworth recieved a message of thanks for attending a car fire this month. "Please pass on my gratitude and thanks to the Epworth crew who attended my car fire. I really appreciate what you all do for us".

Goole Fire Station Blue Watch

Goole Blue Watch received a message of thanks for attending a property this month. “Thank you for your prompt and friendly assistance in stopping the water leak, also for attending to my husband who suffered a heart attack, he is now recovering well.”

Clough Road Fire Station Red Watch

Clough Road Red Watch recieved a message of thanks for helping City Health Care Partnership celebrate Down Syndrome Day earlier this month. 

April 2018

Bridlington Fire Station Blue Watch

A letter of thanks has been received by Blue Watch following an incident, where the neighbour of an elderly gentleman called the Fire Service when his kitchen had filled up with smoke. "Thank you to the team on the appliance that turned up, that thoroughly checked his house and surrounding area, and made sure my old friend was secure."

Reception staff at Service Headquarters

A letter of thanks has been received by Chief Fire Officer, Chris Blacksell for the reception staff at Service Headquarters from MAPPA Strategic Management Board. Which praises the staff for their professionalism and hospitality, welcoming board members to their meetings and assisting them on the day.

Peaks Lane Fire Station

Peaks Lane Fire Station received a message of thanks following an incident earlier this month, "The Fire Service were fantastic and we really appreiciate the rapid response and efficient way that they dealt with the fire. Our staff were alerted by the fire alarm, the building was evacuated within 60 seconds."

Peaks Lane Fire Station 

Peaks Lane Fire Station received a message of thanks following a garage fire, "I'd like to say a massive thank you to the emergency services who attended our home and provided support to us through this process, they have been marvellous."

Group Manager John Askew

Group Manager John Askew, recently received a message of thanks from an investigation he carried out in Stamford Bridge. The complainant had filled out and returned a Customer Feedback form and took the opportunity to thank John for his professional approach.

Emergency First Responders 

Letters of thanks have been received by Firefighter Haller at Snaith Fire Station and Firefighter Leighton at Market Weighton Fire Station from Yorkshire Ambulance Service, for responding to a cardiac arrests and achieving a return to spontaneous circulation, "Responding to and dealing with a patient in cardiac arrest is often challenging and difficult, and on these occasions you both performed your duties of care promptly and professionally."

May 2018

East Hull Fire Station White Watch

Following an incident attended by East Hull White Watch earlier this month, the occupier involved would like to thank the crew for their support and kindness. "They did and amazing job, I felt very supported".

Calvert Lane Fire Station White Watch

Calvert Lane Fire Station received a message of thanks following a visit from students taking part in a Public Service Leader Programme to prepare the students for a Public Service careers. “Just wanted to say thank you to Calvert Lane White Watch especially John Thompson and Kevin Brodie, for providing the opportunity for our students to visit your station, it was a great afternoon in which the students gained a great insight into the role of Humberside Fire and Rescue Service”.

North Bank Community Safety - Martin Conley

A message of thanks was received from a member of the public “I would like to thank the driver from your Fire Service who helped me, this evening I was on my way home from work and got caught at a road diversion where the police were diverting traffic. I was unaware of the way to get myself home through the diversion which was not signposted and your officer offered the chance for me to follow him in his vehicle to see me safely to my destination. 

Please could you pass on my thanks to the gentleman in question as it made me feel safe and reassured and got me home in one piece”.

East Hull Fire Station

East Hull Fire Station staff, received thank you cards from present and retired staff following a recent event  “The Last Shout” held at the station, including one from a retired Chief of Humberside Fire and Rescue Service, ‘just a quick note to say my wife and I had a great time on Sunday, I know from experience how much hard work goes into staging such events, your team got everything exactly right. Many good conversations and happy memories – well done!

HFRS staff

A message of thanks was received from an HSE advisor at Perenco, thanking Humberside Fire andj Rescue Service staff for attending their recent ‘live Play’ on site exercise, with particular thanks to staff from Withernsea and Patrington for adding the element of realism (Defensive water sprays, BA Search and Rescue) to the exercise.

Pocklington Fire Station

Pocklington Fire Station recieved a message of thanks from a member of the public following a fall, "Without their help I do not know how we would have managed".

Scunthorpe, Peaks Lane, Winterton, Preston, Driffield Fire Station

A message of thanks was recieved from a member of the public who was involved in a recent fire " Just wanted to thank all the Firefighters and technicians that attended a fire, good job thank you, they were helpful and professional". 

June 2018

Bridlington Fire Station Blue Watch 

A thank you card has been received by Blue Watch following attendance at an incident, the occupier thanks the fire crew for making sure everything was safe. 

Peaks Lane Fire Station White Watch 

A thank you card has been received by White Watch after visiting a property where they discovered the smoke alarm was not working, "Our house is now better protected, which is much appreciated. We have lived here for only a short while and we thank you again for your prompt and expert help."

Community Safety Advocate Sarah Baker and Peaks Lane Red Watch

A message of thanks has been sent by Humberside Police, thanking Sarah and Red Watch for their professionalism whilst attending to a welfare concern, "a massive thank you to your officers and possibly your procedures for carrying out this visit as quickly as you did."

Hull Central Fire Station White Watch

A thank you letter has been recieved by White Watch after visiting a property to change an old smoke alarm, "I am very grateful for their help and safety advice which makes me feel very safe. Thank you again for giving such a great service."

Community Safety Advocate Jo Clark and Cromwell Road Green Watch 

A message of thanks was received by Jo and Green Watch for their attendance at the Civic Day, "A big thank you to you and your Fire Brigade colleagues for their attendance at the Civic Day on Saturday they really did add to the occasion"

Scunthorpe Red Watch

A message of thanks was sent to Scunthorpe Red Watch from East Midlands Ambulance Service, "I would just like to pass on the sincere thanks of the Ambulance crew and myself for your assistance, both in gaining entry to the property and also for your the excellent work as part of the attempted resuscitation of the patient. Please pass on thanks to all of your team, especially the two of your crew members who did an excellent job as part of the resus. Your help and professionalism was very much appreciated indeed and some excellent team work took place between both services."

Community Safety Advocates Lesley McGuire, Shona Tinch and Peaks Lane Green Watch

A message of thanks was received by the Rotary Club of Cleethorpes thanking Lesley, Shona and Peaks Lane Green Watch for their help in entertaining the children at an event on Saturday 9 June 2018. "Can I say a huge thank you, I feel it is always a good thing to see people in uniform are just ordinary people"

Pocklington Fire Station

A message of thanks has been received from the RSPCA expressing their gratitude to the crew at Pocklington Fire Station for their assistance rescuing an Oyster Catcher chick. "This was a fantastic rescue, really well thought out and brilliantly executed"

Crew Manager Dan Hind and Peaks Lane Red Watch

A message of thanks has been received from a member of the general public thanking the crew that attended a Car Fire on 15 June 2018. "Please convey my thanks to the crew for their efficiency on the night"

July 2018

Service Support

A message was received from Terry Bowery, who recently retired from Calvert Lane White Watch, who has thanked Service Support for "all of the work you do behind the scenes".

Community Safety Advocate, James McCleish  

A message of thanks was receievd following a home safety visit stating James was "was both helpful and I know what to do in event of a fire and have the correct alarms fitted in the right places. Many thanks, fantastic service!"

Bridlington, Red Watch

A message of thanks was received from Cliffe House Nursery School for Bridlington Red Watch following their visit to meet the children and talk about what it means to be a firefighter. 

HFRS Staff

A message was sent to our Chief Fire Officer, Chris Blacksell, from a member of the public, thanking "all involved in helping to fight the recent moorland fires, having worked so hard to keep it under control and keeping it contained."

Watch Manager Mark Walsh and Clough Road Red Watch

A message of thanks was received from a member of the public to thank Watch Manager Mark Walsh and Clough Road Red Watch following a call from a nearby property, adding "all in attendance were fantastic, Mark spoke to the younger residents explaining what was happening and that everything was safe, as well as reassuring older residents."

Central Fire station

A message of thanks has been received from Humberside Police thanking crews at Central Fire Station for their attendance and support in gaining access to a property containing a Cannabis farm, adding "entry would not have been achieved without the specialist skills and equipment of the firefighters." 

Cromwell Road Fire Station

A message of thanks was received by a member of the Grimsby Town Sport and Education Trust, thanking the crew and safety advocates for their work in engaging with teenagers, adding "it was obvious the way the kids got involved that they appreciated and bought in to what you were doing with them."

HFRS Staff

A message of thanks was received via letter from Chris Kenny, Chief Fire Officer at Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service, thanking staff in attendance at the Winter Hill wildfire in Horwich near Bolton. Chris goes on to say: "your support enabled us to not only bring the fire under control but also to continue responding to other emergencies across Lancashire." 

HFRS Staff

Andy Train, Vice Chair of Pride in Hull, sent a letter to thank staff involved in the Pride event this month. In the letter, Andy says: "a simple thank you doesn't seem enough after what is being hailed as the largest Pride in Yorkshire, we had 50,000 people attend."

Clough Road Fire Station

A member of the public passed on their thanks to staff at Clough Road following their involvement in a Family Fun Day at Cottingham Playing Fields adding: "The members of staff were fantastic with my little boy, he must have got on the fire engine 10 times!"

HFRS Staff

A certificate and letter of thanks was received from The Firefighters Charity, to congratulate the hard work from teams, crews and stations in raising over £90,000 for the charity. Phil Shillito, Deputy Chief Fire Officer for Humberside Fire and Rescue Service, extended his thanks by saying: "the money raised will go a long way in helping to deliver health and wellbeing services to the whole of the fire community."

August 2018

HFRS Staff

A message of thanks was received by a member of the public following a crews response to their new combine harvester on fire. They said, "a special thanks to a member of the crew who was amazing with my four year old daughter, who was shaken up."

HFRS Staff

A Project Manager for the Next Level Project wrote to show their appreciation particularly of Aiden Evans, Paul Wainwright, and Sophie Hedges, following some taster sessions in Scunthorpe recently. He said: "I would like to make my gratitude known for all the help Aiden Evans, Paul Wainwright and Sophie Hedges have given in opening up the station to our Ongo clients over the last ten weeks."

Bridlington Fire Station

A message of thanks was received by a member of the public thanking the crew for talking to their grandchild about the work that they do. The lady said: "It made my grandchild's day and we were able to learn more about what you do."

Clough Road Blue Watch 

PC Fleming, Communities Cohesion Officer of Humberside Police, offered his thanks to Blue Watch for their hospitality and support shown at the Hull Independent Advisory Group meeting recently. He said: "The officers could not have been more accommodating and if you could kindly thank them from myself and the Chair of the group."

Patrington and Withernsea Crews 

A member of the public expressed her thanks to crews who tackled a freezer fire in an integrated garage. She said: "We are so grateful for the crews fast and efficient response, without our local Fire Fighters our home would have been at stake." 

HFRS Staff

Seven members of HFRS staff who make up the Silver Wheelers Cycle group decided to support a 93 year old lady with her gardening during an off-duty cycle recently. The lady was so pleased with the result and the kind words and support given that she donated some of her Fire Fighters Widower Pension to the Fire Fighters Charity, and commented: "It has been my pleasure to meet you all and share in the caring values that the Fire Service stands for." 

Peaks Lane Fire Station Green Watch 

A member of the public expressed her thanks after two members of Peaks Lane Fire Station Crew chatted to her three year old son and answered his questions at a local fun day event, adding, "they were so patient and really informative, showing every piece of equipment and explaining their purpose in detail." 

Immingham East Fire Station

A message of thanks has been received from a member of the public thanking crews for their assistance in a road traffic collision. The lady said: "I just wanted to thank the Crew that attended the incident, you don't get enough credit for what you do."

HFRS Public Safety Staff

An On-Call Fire Fighter expressed their thanks to the Public Safety team following their input in to a Transfer course from On-Call to Full-Time Fire Fighter. They said: "I wanted to thank you guys for the very informative day, and to congratulate you for all the hard work you put in for these youngsters."

Public Safety Team Staff

Immingham East Blue Watch thanked members of the HFRS Public Safety Team for some safeguarding training recently, adding: "It's important that we all work together in making our community a safer place, and engaging training like this can make the difference."

HFRS Staff 

Cllr John Briggs, Mayor of North Lincolnshire, has expressed his thanks to the volunteers from Lindsey Lodge Hospice and HFRS Firefighters for taking part in a bucket collection at Scunthorpe United FC on Saturday 25 August. The sum of £709.87 has been raised for the Mayor of North Lincolnshire's Appeal Fund 2018-2018, supporting Lindsey Lodge Hospice and The Fire Fighters Charity. 

HFRS Staff
Positive ​Hull CIC passed on their thanks to a local crew who attended their Hopwood Street Party recently. They added: "everyone at Positive Hull ICC wants to pass on our sincere gratitude at attending on such a busy weekend. You really made the day and I can't thank you enough." 


HFRS Staff
A message of thanks has been received from a member of the public following a recent Firefighter Control taster session. They said: "I got a lot out of it and it answered many queries, and put my mind at ease on a few topics."

HFRS Staff
Another message of thanks was received following the Firefighter Control taster session. It read: "Just wanted to thank you for the time you afforded me this morning for my taster session. I'm very grateful for the way you talked me through your job role, training and development, and comms and computer systems, it was really interesting." 

HFRS Staff
A tutor of Franklin College, Grimsby sent a message of thanks recently to thank staff for attending the college's recent Fresher's Fair. They said: "Thank you for your support, the day was brilliant for students and staff, they all seemed to respond brilliantly and appreciated the work that had gone in to the day, and enjoyed the interactive stalls." 

HFRS Staff - SM Daren Johnson and team 
An email of thanks has been received by a member of the public following a rescue of their horse, Basil, who was stuck in deep mud on their land. The email went on to say: "The response of your Officers was very prompt and on arrival the situation was quickly and calmly assessed; every Officer performed superbly."

Scunthorpe Blue Watch
Scunthorpe Blue Watch has received a thank you card from a member of the public following a visit they carried out recently. The card read: "Thanks to everyone at the station for all you do to keep us safe." 

Beverley Fire Station
A letter was received from The Market Weighton School to thank Beverley Fire Station for providing a student with a work experience placement. The letter read: "The Market Weighton School has greatly appreciated the time and commitment this has involved on your part. I hope you will continue to support our programme in the future." 

HFRS Staff 
A message of thanks has been received from the organisers of Primary Futures, following a visit from three female Firefighters. Organisers said: "We may never really know if these activities go on to change young people's life chances; but if one child starts to dream and then go on to actively follow that dream, then yesterday will have been worth it." For more information about Primary Futures, please see our newspage. 

HFRS Staff
A letter of thanks has been received from Dove House Hospice to express their thanks to Billy Walmsley, White Watch, East Hull and other members of HFRS Staff who provided the use of an appliance to help with the Hospice 'It's a Knockout" competition course recently. The letter read: "We have been incredibly grateful for the support of Billy Walmsley and the Fire Service for a number of years, with your invaluable contribution allowing for the success of the event."


Clough Road Red Watch
A message of thanks has been received from Children's Disability Services, based in Hull, following a visit from a group of young people last month. The message goes on to say: "The Firefighters were very helpful and patient, taking time to show the group around. The group had, in their words, a great time." 

HFRS Staff
A message of thanks was received by a member of the public to Martin Steadman, North Lincolnshire Public Safety Blue Lights Brigade volunteer, to thank him for his advice following a Safe and Well visit. The message read: "Thank you for calling and giving us such a lovely hour of your time."

Bridlington Blue Watch
A message of thanks has been received from a member of the public following a visit to the station. The message read: "The Crew were fantastic with my boys, showing them the engines and equipment, and talking about fire safety. The boys took some fire safety stickers that the Crew gave them in to schools to tell their classmates!" 

Brough Fire Station
A message of thanks has been recieved from Ferriby and Swanland Scout Group. The message read "As well as having lots of fun learning how to use the fire hoses there was the serious learning about fire safety in the home. Many thanks to the firefighters for showing us around the station and the fire engines"

HFRS Staff
A letter of thanks has been recieved from National Fire Chiefs Council to express their thanks to Joanne Mankel, Education and Development Centre. Joanne has been involved in the development of the Train the Trainer juvenile Firesetter intervention programme "By collaborating and listening nationally to practitioners the content has been created to equip new staff with the foundation skills needs to be able to deliver intervention programmes. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and involvement" 

Immingham and Barton-upon-Humber Crews 
A card was sent to members of Immingham and Barton-upon-Humber Crews following a rescue of a horse. She said, "The Crews did an amazing job in rescuing the horse safely." 

HFRS Staff
A member of the public expressed her thanks to a member of Service staff who gifted her son with Fire Service memorabilia. She said: "My son was absolutely thrilled with the items received. What great community spirit from Humberside Fire and Rescue Service."

Hornsea Fire Station
A member of the public expressed their thanks to Crews at Hornsea Fire Station for showing the local Cubs group around the Station. They said: "The Cubs had a fantastic time tonight, thank you for all that you do and for taking the time to spend with us."

November 2018

Peaks Lane Blue Watch
A member of the public expressed her thanks to the Crew of Peaks Lane Blue Watch following a visit to her property to install a smoke alarm. She said: "Thank you, the Crew were very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful." 

HFRS Staff
​Councillor John Briggs, Chair of the Fire Authority, together with Chief Fire Officer and Chief Executive Chris Blacksell, expressed their thanks to Control Room staff and Fire Crews for their professionalism in handling a higher number of calls than usual over the Bonfire Night period.

Lee Simms 
Bilton Community Primary School have thanked Lee Simms for delivering a short assembly at the school - "His assembly offered appropriate insight into the role of his job and the children enjoyed listening to the stories he told them about his work. He also helped the children understand the importance of fire safety and how to respond appropriately in an emergency. We are really grateful for him taking time out of his busy schedule to create this memorable experience for our pupils!"

Simon Peck 
The Corporate Communication Team at HFRS would like to thank Simon for the fantastic photographs he has provided, which have brightened up our Social Media accounts as well as some important Strategic Documents.

Winterton Fire Station
The family of a serving member who had recently passed away sent a letter to thank Crews at Winterton Fire Station. The letter said: "I would like to express my family's deepest appreciation for the parade outside Winterton Fire Station by the personnel there on 2 November, to honour my father's life as the funeral procession passed through Winterton."

Control Room Staff
Members of Beverley 41 Club visited HFRS Control Room recently and passed on their thanks to the Watch. They said: "Thank you so much for hosting our visit and showing members of Beverley 41 Club around the Control Room and explaining about the excellent work you do for us all."

Road Safety Team
Teachers from Hessle High School sent a message of thanks to the Road Safety Team, following their recent visit as part of the Year 7 'All About Me Day'. The message said: "Our students really benefit from your expert knowledge and we appreciate you giving us your time."

Clough Road Fire Station
Crews from Clough Road were thanked by a member of the public following a rescue of a cat. The cat was trapped under the foundations of a house, within a building site. The message said: "The team were excellent and we can't put in to words how much they helped me."

December 2018

Safer Roads Humber
St. Mary's CE Primary School, would like to thank Safer Roads Humber for their brilliant presentation on cycle safety "The pupils were very attentive when listening to explanations and watching video clips" 

To HFRS staff who attended Jeremy (Jez) Ramsden's funeral
The family of Jeremy (Jez) Ramsden would like to thank staff who attended Jez's funeral "It was nice to see so many people attend and share the special moments of Jez's career"

Bridlington White Watch
A member of the public wrote to express their thanks to members of the Service for their tribute to an ex Firefighter following his funeral procession. The message said: "The family were deeply moved by their support."

HFRS Staff
A member of the public involved in an RTC expressed their thanks to the Crew that assisted during the incident. They said: "I would like to thank Crews for their professionalism and assuring approach."

Brough and Calvert Lane Crew
​A member of the public has passed on her thanks to Crews at Brough and Calvert Lane following a fire at her property at the weekend. 

HFRS Staff
A member of Castlethorpe Nursing Home passed on their thanks to HFRS Business Safety Inspector Patrick Connelly following a visit to offer advice and support. The message said: "Thank you for the support you gave me following a recent concern I had, I found it really useful and will use it to guide me in the future."

HFRS Staff
A message of thanks has been received for Community Safety Supervisor Allan Bell following his support at a Crime and Safety Awareness Day recently at a local school. The message said: "I would like to thank you for your brilliant support: school staff and students thought the day was a fantastic success."