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Messages of thanks 2019

On this page you will find a summary of the messages of thanks that we received in 2019.


A lady expressed her thanks to Peaks Lane Blue Watch following an incident at her house last year, in which she fell down the stairs and was unable to be moved. A donation for The Firefighters Charity of £100.00 was also received.

Messages of thanks have been received by members of the public following the HFRS social isolation Christmas Comes Early lunch, funded by HFR Solutions. One message read: "I would like to thank you for the wonderful tea party, it was an afternoon we'll remember and speak of for a long time."

Members of Peaks Lane Blue Watch received a thank you card from a member of the public following a crew member assisting with a faulty smoke alarm. The message read: "The firefighter was polite, efficient, and I very much appreciated his help."

Two cards of thanks were received from members of the public to thank HFRS staff for hosting a buffet and Christmas concert. The cards read: "Many thanks for the wonderful buffet and Christmas concert, we all had a wonderful time" and "Thank you for looking after us so well."

A message of thanks has been received by a staff member of Ashwell Academy to Alan Bell and Davina Cunningham, who visited the school recently. The message read: "A huge thank you, they delivered a very informative talk regarding fire safety and the implications of triggering fire alarms off without reason." 

A message of thanks has been received by a gentleman to Bransholme White Watch, following the vehicle that the crew were travelling in blocking a road to prevent another vehicle which was travelling the wrong way from hitting others. The gentleman who expressed his thanks was protected by the crew. The gentleman said: "I would like to express my gratitude to the crew for their quick-thinking."

Peaks Lane Blue Watch received a letter of thanks from CARE (Christian Action Resource Enterprise) following the donation of toys for their Toys for Joy project. The letter read: "We want to say a massive thank you for your support. Without you we wouldn't have had the toys to give to children who were likely to receive nothing at Christmas."

HFRS staff member Sue Smith received a thanks following a presentation she gave to the Hull branch of IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists). Members said: "Many thanks for your wide ranging and insightful presentation, it had something for everyone, what a great start to our series of 2019 talks."

Crews from Withernsea fire station were thanked following a rescue of a horse who had collapsed in its stable. Sadly, due to the age and illness of the horse, it passed away. The owner emailed to pass on her thanks: "The entire team were supportive yet didn't invade such a traumatic time. I cannot express my thanks enough to them all." 

A letter was received by a member of the public expressing their thanks to Bridlington Blue Watch following a Safe and Well visit to the property. The letter says: "We were exceedingly impressed by their polite courteous manner, smartness of appearance, knowledge of East Halton Primary and their subject and efficiency."


Safer Roads Humber received a thank you from St. Richards School, Hull, following two afternoon road safety presentations given to students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.

Hull Central White Watch were sent a thank you message following a visit from a local Scout & Beaver group. The Crew had been asked to meet with the group at Clough Road at short notice, following the Crew at Clough Road being called to an incident. The message said: "A very big thank you, we had a great time."

Public Safety Support Advocates Heather Bennett and Martin Conley received a thank you from a local school following a Prison Me? No Way! event.

HFRS staff received a thank you from a member of the public, who said: "I'd like to thank you and your colleagues for the amazing job you all do."

A member of the public thanked Calvert Lane Crews for showing her little boy around the station. She said: "Thank you so much for arranging; the Crew were so lovely, patient and encouraging to George."

A member of the public expressed their thanks to Bransholme Crews for their quick response following a call that they had made. They said: "We just wanted to say thank you to the Crew who came very quickly to the incident, acting so quickly and bravely reassured my very scared children that they were safe."

A local Snaith school expressed their thanks to members of HFRS staff who attended their school recently to deliver a Prison Me? No Way! session. The school said: "There was great feedback from teachers and pupils alike." 

Pocklington School expressed their thanks to members of our Road Safety Team following a presentation they gave to students. The school said: "The content was spot on and John's delivery ensured that all the students were focused and attentive."


Safer Roads Humber received a message of thanks from the children at East Halton Primary School following a road safety presentation. The message of thanks said: "Thank you so much, we have learnt a lot from you. We promise to wear our snapbands when we go biking."

Molescroft Farm Children's Nursery would like to say a huge thank you to Beverley Fire Station for visiting them. The children really enjoyed it and haven't stopped talking about it! "The team where fantastic a real credit to your Service".

Walter Brown and Dave Dillon attended the Prison Me! No Way! event on 15 March. The event organisers would like to say a big thank you "Once again the Fire Service workshop got great reviews from both pupils and teachers."

A member of the public would like to thank Peaks Lane Green Watch for rescuing her son who was trapped. "The crew who came was amazing, they calmed me and my son down and helped release him" "They arrived within less than five minutes of calling, thank you so much."

Bowie the cat was rescued recently by Clough Road White Watch, the owner of the cat was extremely grateful and said " I really can't thank you enough, there aren't enough words to fully express my gratitude and heartfelt thanks. The crew were unreservedly helpful and so non-judgmental, they were more than amazing, I'll never be able to repay you for what you have done for me and Bowtie.. You are all my heroes."

Heather Bennett and Peter Blythe attended the Prison Me! No Way! event at Cottingham School and delivered a brilliant presentation! The event organisers said "A great day had by the year 8 pupils."


Immingham East Green Watch received a message of thanks from a lady they had rescued from a car following an RTC, “the fire crew were great and on talking whilst cutting me out of the vehicle they invited me to take my little boy to the station to have a look round.” “My son was very upset to see me at home with cuts and bruises and I appreciate the offer to go to the station so he can learn more about the great work the Service does.”

A letter of thanks from the University of Hull has been sent to Walter Brown from our Public Safety team, following his presentation as part of the university’s ‘Proud to be a Social Worker’ conference. “Your workshop sparked much interest and was extremely well received by delegates."

The Community Safety Unit Manager passed on his thanks to all staff who participated in Humberside Police’s Night Challenge, “We have an amazing group of people who pull out all the stops to make it all work seamlessly….and if I am honest without the effort, energy and commitment from all of you this event would not be possible!”

Clough Road, Branshome Blue Watch and East Hull Fire Station recently attended a meet and greet session to support the local community. A resident would like to thank the crews, "they were superb in the way they dealt with everything, you all do an amazing job and we really appreciate the continued support."


Phil Conman and Toni Proctor provided some really useful Fire Risk information to a local business in East Riding, the owner was extremely grateful "It was great to meet you both today, I took so much away from the meeting and found the advice really straightforward and helpful."

Bridlington White Watch and Driffield Fire Station were thanked by a business following their attendance during a recent incident "Humberside Fire and Rescue Service dealt with the incident so quickly."

A letter of thanks from Bilton Community Primary School has been sent to Lee Sims for his talk to the full assembly. "He gave an excellent presentation based around fire safety in schools and at home. He made it fun and brought along his kit to dress up one of our pupils."

Cleethorpes Fire Station were thanked by a member of the general public following a recent incident they attended. "Great team work today."

Ian Priest recieved a message of thanks from Humberside Police for his talk about boat fire extinguishers. "Ian was a pleasure and bit of a laugh as well."

Clough Road, Branshome and East Hull Blue Watch recently attended a meet and greet session to support the local community. A resident would like to thank the crews "it was really helpful and much needed, the staff are wonderful."

Blue Watch at Hull Central Fire Station received a thank you in person, from the individual they rescued at an incident. 


A member of Little Coates Brownies in Grimsby expressed her thanks to Peaks Lane Blue Watch for visiting the group, showing them around the station and for providing fire safety advice.

A organiser from Crime and Awareness Day has thanked HFRS members of staff Alex Bampton and Allan Bell for attending Marvell Colleage and "facilitating a brilliant workshop". 

Preston Fire Station have received a message of thanks from the daughter of a gentleman they assisted following an RTC recently. The lady has said that "crews dealt with the situation brilliantly" and she could not praise their actions enough.

A thank you card has been received by the Road Safety team from pupils and staff at Frederick Gough School in Scunthorpe following a series of presentations over the past two months. 

Driffield Agricultural Society would like to thank Walter Brown and Martin Conley for providing an exhibit at the Schools' Food and Farming Day. "The event was a great success, but it could not have happened without your voluntary support. It was a real team effort and we are very grateful for your invaluable participation"

Jo Jessop, Community Safety Advocate and Hull Central Blue Watch attended the Mayors Gala on 8 June. The Lord Mayor really enjoyed the day. "Humberside Fire and Rescue Service helped make the day a nice day."

Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust would like to thank Nicky Cousins for her talk on vibrating fire alarms due to deafness. "It was really informative and every body enjoyed it, many thanks for your fantastic talk to our support group"

Beverley Fire Station rescued an 18 year old cat called Twinkle. The happy owner said "the crew was very quick at responding, and we now have a very happy cat"

Grimsby Beaver Cub and Scout Group would like to thank Peaks Lane Red Watch for their amazing visit. New Waltham Beavers said "A huge thank you to the firefighters this evening the children loved it"

A member of the public would like to thank Goole Red who attended an incident recently " Full marks to the firefighters at Goole Fire Station for their speed of attendance to the incident"

Women's aid in North East Lincolnshire would like to thank Nicky Cousins (Community Safety Advocate) and Peaks Lane Red Watch, for their visit recently. "The children and mums have been talking about it all day. What a valuable event it was, both in terms of giving the familes a wonderful experience but also promoting positive agency engagement."


Walter Brown, Community Safety Advocate received a thank you letter from a member of the public expressing his gratitude for Walters visit. "What an excellent highly professional and complimentary example of your Fire Service he is. Thank you for your excellent service"

Frederick Gough School would like to thank North Lincolnshire District and Scunthorpe Fire Station for providing their students with work experience. "We are very grateful for the opportunity for our students to experience the world of work and for the time you and your colleagues have given to support this"

Safer Roads Humber attended Vale Academy to provide road safety advice to the students "Thank you so much for supporting our careers fair, we really appreciate the time you spent sharing stories"

Peaks Lane Blue Watch recently showed care leavers from Through Care Service around the Fire Station "They clearly loved it and had admiration for your team"

The daughter of an 89 year old gentleman would like to thank Calvert Lane Blue Watch for their prompt attendance to a recent incident. "The crew was very professional, polite and friendly"

A member of the public would like to thank Peaks Lane Green Watch and Immingham East Green Watch for their prompt attendance at an incident "I really appreciate the reasurrance on the scene"

Community Safety Advocates Martin Conley and Peter Blythe received great feedback following a visit to Beverley Grammer School to take part in a Prison Me No Way event. "Well done to you for putting on such a brilliant educational day."


Hull Public Safety team and K9 Invesitgation received a message of thanks for their attendance at Gillshill Primary School. "It was absolutely brilliant, very effective and the children thoroughly enjoyed it" 

A member of the public would like to thank Watch Manager Tony Clark and Firefighter Brian Mckenzie for their recent attendance at an incident "I am very happy that the two firefighters arrived so promptly"

The Queensway Hub in Grimsby would like to thank Immingham East Red Watch for visiting the summer fair. "The children was in awe and got excited when they saw the fire engine outside" 

We received a thank you from a member of the public thanking Clough Road White Watch during a safe and well visit. "I am very grateful, we have a wonderful Fire Service, which I hold in highest regard"

Thorpe Park Holiday Centre would like to thank all the crews that attended a recent incident. "The fire crews were extremely professional, very dedicated and had the fire quickly under control, thank you for your outstanding work in protecting our community"

Phil Conman and the East Riding Business Safety Team received a message of thanks from a member of the public following a recent inspection. "Thank you for all your guidance and help"

Anne Stott from HR, received a thank you card from a retired firefighter's widow. "Thanks for all your help during the last month keeping me on the right road"

Peaks Lane White Watch attended Nunsthorpe Community Centre this month, and the kids and staff absolutely loved it! "Thank you for making my kids day, it was brilliant"

Martin Conley, East Riding Community Safety Advocate received a lovely message of thanks from a member of the public. "The time and patience and personal approach given by Martin was absolutely brilliant"

Calvert Lane Green Watch attended the Summer Get Together at Bricknell School and the community really enjoyed it. "The children loved it, and you all do an amazing job"


Pocklington Fire Station have received a message of sincere thanks from Yorkshire Ambulance Service for their help with a challenging incident they attended in August. Their swift action enabled YAS to concentrate on their job, and "the overall professionalism, compassion and diligence of the Fire Service was a big help in managing the scene and keeping us safe".  

Joe Haller of Snaith Fire Station, received a thank you from a member of the local community when he attended as First Responder to a 999 call at the weekend. He said " they (First Responders), together with paramedics, police, nurses and doctors do not get enough praise for what they do".

Sue Smith, Casualty Reduction Officer at Safer Roads Humber, received a letter of thanks from Terry Heath, Chairman of Scunthorpe and Grimsby Advanced Mororists. Terry said that everyone was impressed by the professionalism and dedication shown and how much they had enjoyed the presentation. He wanted to say a massive thank you for a truly great night.

Tracey Rose, co-ordinator for the Hull Marathon, has praised Jo Jessop and the Service for all the help and support she has received. " Everyone that I’ve dealt with have been so lovely and helpful. You guys are amazing, I appreciate the fantastic job that you all do".

On behalf of the trustees of the East Riding Association of Rural Community Buildings, Anita Liley sent thanks to Phil Conman and Claire Neal for delivering a fire safety talk at the conference in HOSM. Anita said it certainly gave many of the audience food for thought, and many favourable comments were made on how useful it had been.

On behalf of Fitmums and Friends, Lisa Adcock sent her thanks to Goole Fire Station following their open day event. She said: "It was a great success and we were all so pleased that such a large number of people came along to join in the fun. The displays your team delivered were brilliant; both children and adults alike loved it. We’ve had such lovely feedback from the people who attended."

A gentleman called John Stone wanted to pass on his thanks to a lady and gent from Scunthorpe White Watch, who conducted a safe and well visit with his 91 year old relative yesterday at 3.00pm in Scunthorpe. He said that the lady was delighted and really pleased with the visit.

Collingwood Primary School tweeted that they "had a great time at Central Fire Station. Thank you Blue Watch for having us"

A message of thanks for Brough Station and Immingham East Green Watch was received on our Facebook page.  "Thank you for helping me when my horse spooked and ended up in a drainage ditch yesterday. She was up to her belly in mud and it was very distressing for her, my husband and I. Thank you for arriving quickly and assisting. Amazingly - although a little stiff this morning - she seems to be fine. Thank you again."

A message of thanks has been received from Rob Sawyer, Collision Investigator and Christine Wilson from Humberside Police regarding a serious incident attended by Immingham East, Scunthorpe and Brigg Stations. Praise was given for their assistance at the scene but particularly "the level of communication and consultation with the team from the Fire Brigade, which allowed us to explore all options and achieve a good result for everyone in very difficult circumstances." Rob wanted to ensure that his thanks were passed on to all members of staff concerned.

Thank you to Clough Road Green Watch for taking the time to present a Fire Safety Certificate to Jake on Monday 23rd September 2019. Jake loves fire engines but had never been to a fire station and Clough Road Green went above and beyond to accommodate Jake while showing him around the station & engines. Thank you Clough Road Green from Hull Community Safety Team & Education & Development Centre.

We received a thank you letter from a member of the public who recently attended our Heritage Day. "I write to say how interesting and informative it was" Well done to Gavin Hudson, Terry Taylor, Norman Downs, Mike Shooter, Jon Willingham (and the K9 Dogs), Paula Dickson and Jan Hayton.


Peaks Lane Red Watch received a message from a member of the public to thank them for showing around the local Scouts group. They said: "A huge thanks for the time taken by Red Watch in showing 3rd Clee Scouts around!"

CFO Blacksell received a letter from Ashes Playing Field Trust thanking Humberside Fire & Rescue Service for the support from WM Tony Clark and Howden Fire Station at two of their events, Picnic in the Park and Howden Ashes 5k and 10k Run. On both occasions the support they had was positive and supportive, with a couple of the crew even running the course with Tony.

Ian Hammill from Together Housing sent an thank you to Dave Bottomly, East Riding Business Safety and Bridlington Blue Watch for presence and assistance at the Ebor House Open Day; it exceeded his expectations.

Calvert Lane Fire Station Blue Watch & Helen Bristow received a message of thanks from Peter Frost, who is part of a group of firefighters from Belgium and France (Wind and Fire Harley Club) who were travelling down on motocycles to Drayton Manor (Ride to the Wall at the Aboretum). They stopped off at Calvert Lane and were welcomed by Blue Watch. They said "Good morning Helen, we had a great visit with the guys in Calvert Lane, we will be back next year for sure. Many thanks to you all. Best regards. Peter Frost & Co. Envoyé depuis l'application Mail Orange"

Blue Watch East Hull were a mentioned in the Ready Steady Read Newsletter; they were delighted that Blue Watch had carried out their first volunteering session at Wansbeck Primary School. Blue Watch will be visiting the school once a week to provide reading support.

WM John Lowden and everyone at Peaks Lane have received a thank you from the Fire Brigades Society, who enjoyed their recent visit.

Sue Stephenson, High Sherriff of East Riding of Yorkshire and William Day, High Sherriff of Lincolnshire both sent thanks CFO Blacksell, Kevin Wilson, Andy Grant, Red Watch Control, Brough Station, the Road Safety Team and everyone involved in their visit to Service Headquarters.

Bransholme Red Watch received a huge thank you from Northcott School; the primary pupils all thoroughly enjoyed the experience of meeting the fire fighters, sitting in the engine and trying on parts of the uniform. "It was lovely to see them enjoying themselves and interacting with the fire fighters. It really did lift everyone's spirits and brought everyone together."

Scunthorpe Green Watch recived a handwritten letter and picture from Finlay to say "Dear green watch thank you for my trip through the fire station, my favourite bit was using the hose. I learnt lots, like how tall are the ladders?"

Pete Blythe, Martin Conley and Melanie Preskey received thanks from Pat Tuohy from The No Way Trust Ltd for facilitaing a workshop at Wolfreton as part of a Prison Me No Way event. The team had another great day with brilliant feedback as usual.

Jo Jessop and Alex Bampton also received thanks from Pat Tuohy for attending Kelvin Hall School. They received positive feedback from pupils and teaching staff as always.

Neil from E-YARD (East Yorkshire Advanced Riders and Drivers) sent a thank you message following a presentation delivered to E-YARD RoSPA Group at Beverley Golf Club on Wednesday 23 October by Susan Smith, Safer Roads Humber and Kev Worth of Humberside Police.

Mrs Meins from Brigg sent a letter to say thank you for a Safe and Well visit carried out by Martin Steedman from the Blue Light Brigade Volunteers. It was very helpful and also signposted her to help from other agencies.
She very much appreciated the visit and all it entailed.

The Fire Brigade Society have sent thanks to Watch Manager Mark Cracknell for accommodating them during a very busy schedule and special thanks from Steve and Graham to Trish and Chris for their time and patience. "Yesterday was a pleasure and the crew at Hull West were a credit to themselves and the Fire and Rescue Service, as were all those we met on our visit on 6 October. Well done Humberside F&R!  Thanks again and regards, Steve.


CFO Blacksell received a letter from a member of the public who had been rescued from a lift by Brough Fire Station and wanted to put on record their thanks for the courteous and helpful assistance. A very generous donation of £250 has been made to the Fire Fighters Charity as a token of their appreciation.

Cllr John Briggs, Chair of Humberside Fire Authority sent a message of thanks to all the crews involved in the recent flooding and other calls for service. "Please pass on my thanks to all the crews involved, their excellent work is acknowledged and very much appreciated. Really proud of them all."

This message was received via My Community Alert from a grateful resident. "I would just like to say how fantastic the fire brigade were last night. We had support for over 12 hours to stop flood water entering our property. The lads and lasses are a credit to your service - they were very supportive, friendly, professional and hard working. You should be proud. This is not the first time we have needed their help. We find ourselves very very fortunate and grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you, especially to the Scunthorpe Blue Watch, the Scunthorpe On-Call team and Epworth team who helped us throughout the night."

Councillor David Elvidge contacted the Service to thank crews during the flooding. He said: "Last Thursday I witnessed incredible work done by crews of Humberside Fire and Rescue; pumping out a 90 year old resident's flooded property. I would like to express my thanks to all concerned and would be grateful if you could pass on my appreciation for their fantastic efforts."

A member of the public wished to express his gratitude to officers who attended his property on Thursday 7th November. Thanks to their valiant efforts his property was saved from flooding, something which he will be forever grateful for. "Please pass on my heartfelt thanks to the team involved and wish them a safe career."

A number of thank you messages were received on the website:

"I just want to say how amazing the Preston retained crew were on Thursday evening, saving our home from flooding." I would be grateful if you can please pass my thanks"

"We just wanted to send a really big Thankyou for your teams assistance last night. They worked for over 5 hours pumping water away from our house, without their help we would definitely been flooded. They were very efficient & worked tirelessly to save our house. THANKYOU.

Targeted Youth Support thanked Jo Jessop for enabling young people to be better prepared to manage their own tenancies by them having the opportunity to attend informative sessions which greatly improve their accommodation pathway and enhance their life chances.     

A grateful mum said thank you to Clough Road Blue Watch for taking the time to talk to her son and show him the fire engine on one of the busiest nights of the year. It made his night. 

Priory Primary School sent thanks and feedback following a recent visit by the K9 team, Mick and Jon and Advocate Amanda Russell. The children thoroughly enjoyed the visit and took on board the important message regarding fire safety.

Residents gave highest praise to personnel from Goole and Snaith Fire Stations for helping to keep their property safe during the recent flooding, in very difficult conditions. Thanks again and well done.

A huge and massive thank you for helping us keep the flood water out of our property on Thursday 7 November evening into the morning of Friday 8 November. If you hadn’t have been there, the house would have flooded. We are very fortunate and grateful for your help, support, hard work and professionalism.

Jenny Townsend has received a message of thanks for her professional and thorough handling of a complaint regarding fire safety at a business premises, which was resolved satisfactorily due to her persistence.

A member of the public wrote to express his thanks to crews who attended their property during the recent localised flooding. They said: "With assistance from local authority, they successfully kept our house free from water ingress and are worthy of our highest thanks and praise."


The Royal British Legion (Goole and Howden branch) wrote to the Service to express their thanks to the Service for attending and supporting this year's Armistice parade held on 10 November 2019. The letter stated: "I was particuarly impressed in the turnout and bearing which was of an exceptionally high standard." 

Howdens Joinery thanked the Service for its support following a recent awareness event. They said: "We have been overwhelmed with positive messages and feedback regarding the excellent support that you all gave us."

The Headmistress of Bricknell Primary School, Hull thanked Public Safety Advocates Molly and Robyn, as well as Clough Road Red Watch for their recent visit. They said: "The kids loved it, especially when Frankie the Fire Dog made an appearance!"

Great Coates Village Nursery recently shared their thanks to crews at Peaks Lane Fire Station and in particular Green Watch, following a recent visit. They wrote a heartfelt letter and accompanied some homemade treats. They said: "Thank you for giving up your time and thank you for all the work you do across North East Lincolnshire."

Our FALLS Team has received many compliments following their visits over 2019. Some of these are: "Two firefighters came to my mum's flat to help and assess her following a fall. They put her at ease and helped her up before taking some observations. This is such a great idea, excellent service!"

"The team were so caring and helpful, they were wonderful people to talk to."

"I didn't want to call anyone out but I'm so glad I did."

"This is an amazing team, they helped to check my mum over and put my mind at rest."

EMAS sent a message of thanks to Peaks Lane Green Watch who assisted at a difficult job recently, organising a rapid extraction which enabled the Ambulance Service to give timely patient care. "They all have made a real difference."

A huge thank you to the team at the Education and Development Centre for their hard work and true display of teamwork during their recent temporary move to Bransholme from Calvert Lane.  A busy few weeks moving the whole department and continuing to deliver courses and work with partners.  Well done and thank you!