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Governance, Audit and Scrutiny Committee

The Governance, Audit and Scrutiny Committee will advise the Humberside Fire Authority with regard to the following functions:

Governance: The governance arrangements of the Authority including assisting the HFA in promoting and maintaining high standards of conduct by Members and Officers and generally assisting Members and Officers to observe the Members’ Code of Conduct.

Internal Control and Risk Management: To monitor the effective development and operation of corporate risk and project management and corporate governance in the HFA, including considering the Annual Governance Statement and maintaining an overview of the authority’s Constitution

Internal Audit: To oversee the Internal Audit Annual Work Programme including the appointment of an effective and efficient Internal Audit Service and monitoring the performance of the Internal Audit Service.

External Audit: To oversee the audit aspects of the draft annual financial statements, including the External Audit Opinion, the Statement of Members’ Responsibilities, the Annual Governance Statement and any relevant issue raised in respect to the annual auditing process.

Performance Risk and Programme Management: To oversee the effectiveness of performance management, including the achievement of the Strategic Plan and the Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP) objectives, and agreed performance indicators.

Scrutiny: To receive proposed reports for HFA decisions prior to meetings of the Authority and to provide scrutiny to a report and pass any observations, as it sees fit, to the Authority. In exercising its scrutiny role, the Committee will ensure that any observations are non-political and are not designed to displace the functions or responsibility of the Authority. Observations should be constructive and supportive, aimed at providing an independent view, essentially on behalf of the communities of the Service.