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Decision Making

The Authority is a corporate body with the legal responsibility for making decisions about all matters concerning the functions, powers, duties and responsibilities of the Authority which are vested in it by statute and / or common law.

However, only the Authority will exercise the following functions:

  • Variations to the Authority’s Constitution
  • Revenue budget and capital plan
  • Levying or issuing a precept or borrowing of money
  • Major policy issues including:
  • Number and location of fire stations
  • Major organisational variations to the managements or command structure
  • Major variations to the establishment
  • Proposals for expenditure not within approved revenue or capital plans
  • Adoption of a Scheme of Members’ Allowances
  • Appointing a Chairperson and Vice Chairperson of the Authority and of its committees and sub-committees (with the exception of the Governance, Audit and Scrutiny Committee)
  • Any other matter which by law must be reserved to the Authority itself

The Fire Authority is advised by the following designated statutory Officers:

  • Head of Paid Service (Chief Fire Officer/Chief Executive)
  • Monitoring Officer (Monitoring Officer/Secretary)
  • Section 151 Officer (Executive Director Service Support)