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Week four

With so much to fit in this last week, Blue and Red Squad were given separate schedules to ensure that every aspect of training was completed by all recruits.

Red Squad started with a two day Working At Height level 2 course, vital input for our future roles as firefighters. The course included a theoretical written exam, an individual practical assessment and a team practical assessment.

An operational requirement for all firefighters is to complete a 6 monthly fitness test. This week was our turn as we completed the bleep test, ladder lifts and hose walks. All recruits were successful in passing this, well done to all. After the PTIs (Personal Training Instructors) had finished completing our fitness tests they put us through our paces again with a high intensity circuit workout. Everyone really enjoyed this as it was a way for us all to build on our fitness as well as bonding as a group.

The past four weeks we have been learning fire ground skills. This could be described as a firefighter’s bread and butter. It has been very rewarding and interesting to learn how specialised equipment works.

Wednesday afternoon was our final opportunity to develop our skills ready for our practical exam on pumps and ladders, which would take place Thursday and Friday.

It may sound like we’ve had a busy week but it doesn’t stop there, Friday morning we had our weekly theoretical test. This week’s test was on a variety of topics including trenches, building collapse, environment, sewers, air craft and aggressive behaviour towards Firefighters.

After a successful two days of practical assessments we could see the weekend in our sights. All that was left was to have our Weekly PDR (Personal Development Reviews). This is an essential part of our weekly schedule, it gives both recruits and watches an opportunity to give positive or constructive feedback on the week’s activities.

As a group we can now look to what lies ahead and prepare ourselves to ensure we excel in all the other aspects of our training.