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Week five

Having completed our fire ground assessments last week, we moved onto a completely different but equally important part of the role in Public Safety.

Week five

We were based at Service Headquarters (SHQ) for the first time on the course from Monday until Thursday. It was nice to have a change of scenery and we were well looked after with our lunches. However, we did miss Terry and Jan’s scones at morning tea break.

The first two days we had input from both the Business and Community Safety teams who shared their in-depth knowledge with us and gave a good idea of what potential scenarios we may come across in our careers. This also highlighted how important this part of the role is in trying to prevent fires before they ever happen.

We finished off the last of the PowerPoints on Wednesday morning, learning about fire alarms. Coincidentally just before lunch the fire alarm at SHQ went off and everyone in the building had to evacuate, luckily it was just a drill.

We then went to Siemens, who kindly gave us a tour of their site and showed us their fire safety precautions in case there ever was an emergency. Everyone found this extremely beneficial as this brought to life the input we’d had over the first few days.

On Thursday morning we met at Princes Quay in Hull for another safety visit. We then headed to the Education and Development Centre at Calvert Lane Fire Station in Hull, who gave a great talk on the youth engagement that the Service offers. We then went back to SHQ to do our Public Safety exam, which was followed by a talk from Group Manager Duffield. That evening a few of us went into Cleethorpes to have a game of 10 pin bowling, which was a good laugh and allowed us to bond further as a group. 

Friday saw the group split into two groups, with 8 recruits from Red Squad heading to SHQ to start their three weeks of BA (breathing apparatus training).  The remaining 14 stayed at the Training School to make a start on our IEC (Immediate emergency care) course.

Like previous weeks, this one has flown by.