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Week fourteen


Week fourteen

Week 14 started with the station bells sounding for a mock turn-out drill which has been happening over the past few weeks. It was a quick run downstairs, jump into fire kit and appliances out the door within one minute. All in preparation for getting us ready to respond  as we will shortly be heading out to our Full-Time stations.

We spent most of the week at service headquarters practicing our marching ready for our Pass Out parade. There was certainly a lot of arms swinging out of time, but we got there in the end.

On Monday evening we had our Dining In night with the Chief Fire Officer. This was a formal dinner but what an experience! Full of tradition, speeches, and the moment we had all been waiting for, receiving our postings for which stations and colour Watch we would be going to.

Finally Thursday arrived.....Pass Out day!

Everyone was full of nerves but eager and ready to show our family the skills we had learnt over the past 14 weeks. Before we knew it, it was drill time. The Blue lights and sirens were on as the pumps arrived in style. Hoses were put to work, ladders erected and the Aerial Ladder Platform extended for the rescue of one of our Watch Managers, who incidently, was styling a dashing pink dress and boots. Everything went well!

A quick wash and straight in to our number one dress uniform ready to show off our well timed marching. Thankfully we didn't do to bad at all. We collected our certificates and three recruits received special awards: the 'Silver Axe award' - Lyndsay Dungworth, the 'Endeavour award' - Lewis Russell and the 'Instructors award' - Aaron Edwards. 

Now to start our new adventure as development firefighters having made friends and memories for life. I'm sure we will continue our journey as a team. What an experience!

Big thank you to all staff involved to get us here.