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Week nine

This week the whole course was together for a recap in pumps and ladders. It was nice to be back as one big happy family.

Week nine

We still had a lot of new information and lectures to take in, including incident command, fire investigation and fire service control.

We also had to fit in two physical training sessions, a swimming class which consisted of a total of 2000m in varied strokes and a group circuit delivered by the PT team. 

The afternoons were spent outside in the drill yard honing our skills and practicing what we had learnt in weeks 1-4. The instructors gave us bigger and more complex scenarios and drills and they seemed to be very impressed throughout the week with our effort and team work. 

The drills involved a couple of squad challenges, Red Vs Blue. Red Squad took the first win, with Blue Squad catching up later in the week and we finished the week at a draw. 

The final bit of the week involved us preparing for our Passing Out parade. We got dressed up in our caps, jackets and trousers to make sure they fit, before we practised our marching.