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Week six

Week six began with eight members of Red Squad learning the skills for BA (breathing apparatus training). Starting with Fire Behaviour Training that involved the recruits having a firsthand experience of how fires can develop and their behaviours in different environments.  We were able to conduct several experiments in the classroom to see the effects of an ideal mixture, which created a loud bang!

Week six

Starting in a small compartment with everyone demonstrating their excellent branch techniques, this then progressed onto learning search and rescue procedures. Everyone was excited at having a firsthand experience of firefighting and showed their enthusiasm and positivity towards every situation that was presented to them. 

Nearing the end of the week, all the individual teams were working well together in completing a group goal of searching a building.  The instructors have had to do less and less coaching with us, this has been a great step forward for every recruit. Red Squad are all ready and raring for the week ahead to make sure they can polish their skills in further BA training.

Blue and Green Squads spent the first part of the week having classroom input on the initial action and assessment of patients that we could be faced with upon arriving at an incident. In the afternoon, we started to get our hands on the equipment and quickly became familiar with the order and contents of the trauma bags, which are part of the fire engine kit. The instructors were monitoring and assessing our actions during the mock incidents. Getting more complex as the week progress, the last mock incident involved a catastrophic bleed with artificial blood for extra effect!  

Thursday arrived and was a full day of assessments. We had to demonstrate our competence at a basic life support (BLS) incident, which involves the use of a defibrillator. We were then faced with a variety of trauma incidents. The afternoon involved a written test to wrap up everything we’d learned throughout the week.  

On Friday we made a start on road traffic collision training (RTC). There was a lot of theory before we went outside to start to get familiar with the kit.  The instructors demonstrated the importance of immobilising air bags when working on a vehicle rescue. They certainly create a bang and go off with immense force! 

To ensure everyone was able to get hands on, we were split into three teams and took turns to handle the cutting gear and stabilisation tools.  Everyone is looking forward to next week when we will be learning more about RTC incidents.