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Week three

Week three introduced us to our first set of weekly tests. Covering a wide range of topics from pumps and primers to silos, sewers and everything in between. We continue to develop our theoretical and practical skills and carrying out increasingly more complex combination drills. This week we’ve covered improvised ground monitors, dams and salvage.

Week three

The group is becoming more like a family as each week passes with endless laughter all through the station. Our cleaning duties are getting quicker and slicker, and we continue to receive lots of positive comments from our Watch Managers for our efforts with the morning parade. 

Monday introduced us to building improvised ground monitors, this meant our thinking caps were on to see what we could create. The race was on between Blue and Red Squad. The Blue’s ascended the tower to protect and salvage what they could, whilst on the ground the Red’s were tasked to build their monitors and get water into the tower ASAP. Needless to say, the Blue’s were soaked by the end. 

Tuesday morning called for a dip in the local swimming pool (or so we wished). Thanks to the wonderful Kerry, we were soon put through our paces and started the morning with a half mile swim and front crawl sprints. That was just the warm up!

Wednesday came around fast and it was the day many of us had been waiting for, our first encounter with fire. The afternoon was time for Blue Squad to get their revenge as it was Red Squad’s turn to go up the tower and get a good soaking.

Thursday was our ‘school trip’ day as we all headed out to a local industrial plant which specialises in the storage and distribution of aviation fuel. A big thank you to James for his time and knowledge, as we learnt how to carry out a safety visit. We also got our hands on foam for the first time. It was like Christmas had come early and our faces lit up as white fluffy foam filled the air.

Friday was here before we knew it and our spirits were high after completing a successful week. Having accomplished our most complex combination drill to date, tests passed with amazing results and progress reviews underway. Here’s to week four being even better.