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Week twelve

Getting closer to the end of our training course and this week Blue Squad completed week three of BA training (Breathing Apparatus training). 

Week twelve

The first day saw us go to Grimsby Fire Station for a cold wear in a nightclub, based in their training building, which plays recordings of people talking and music. A little bemused at the time and we had a giggle afterwards about it. 

We then had two days of input on marine firefighting and the challenges that come with it. Punching through heat layers, cooling metal work, hatch/door procedures and working effectively as a team to complete the objective safely. It was nice and toastie and really gave us an insight into the risks and dangers of marine firefighting. 

Then came our two days of BA (Breathing Apparatus training) assessments, theory and practical. We all passed and were definitely looking forward to the Bank Holiday weekend to celebrate.

Friday was a day out at Humberside Airport and we learnt how to tackle airfield fires with foam. We also put on 'blues and twos' as if we were going to a real incident. This gave us a taste of how it will be when we finish in two weeks!