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Week two

Our new Full-Time recruits give us an insight in to what Week Two of their course entailed!

Week two

During our second week of training we have covered another set of varied topics in our theory lectures including: building collapses, electricity, railway incidents and legislation. The varied nature and fast tempo of the course is certainly stretching us all to our limits. We push ourselves to process and retain the information needed to become competent and efficient Firefighters. As a group we have utilised each other’s strengths and set up study groups to help each other learn.

We’ve started to train and workout together in the gym at the training centre. On an evening, many of us can be seen running the bleep test, completing circuit training or undertaking fitness programmes in the gym. We are not just training for our functional fitness but also to ensure that the food given to us, by Terry and Jan, doesn’t see us double in size by the end of the 14 weeks. Highlights of this week’s menu have included fish and chip Friday and gammon and egg on Thursday, which has led to a recruit learning that gammon actually comes from a pig and is not a wild bird!

At the beginning of the week we were introduced to ladders and as the week progressed we began developing our knowledge and practical application on a fire engine. The Instructors have been presenting more complicated drills to us and with this our confidence has been building as we transform into more independent thinking Firefighters.

As part of this week’s training, we have had IOSH input to train us on Health and Safety in the job as well as a Working at Heights (WAH) input. Our eyes have been opened to the dangers that we could face and we have learnt the importance of keeping ourselves safe as Firefighters to be able to serve our communities.

We have also learnt how to protect ourselves psychologically. We welcomed Tim Evers who’s a Firefighter at South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service and the founder of charity, Sapper Support. Tim talked about the importance of psychological wellbeing and mental health as well as the support networks available such as his charity. We found his talk very useful and impactful as he delivered an open and honest account about his own journey through mental health. The concept of #visordown is one that many of us will carry throughout our career.

To round off the week we donned our red noses on the fire ground to celebrate and support Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day. Next week we have our first theory exam on all the content that we have covered during the first two weeks of training. Good luck everyone!