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Beverley house fire - family saved by smoke alarm

23 June 2014

Fire crews attended a fire at a house in Colleridge Road in Beverley in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Two adults and three children escaped unhurt prior to the arrival of the fire service after the smoke alarm sounded and alerted them to the fire.

It is believed the fire started from a fire pit that had been used earlier that day.

Tony Harrison, the officer in charge of the incident, said: “The occupiers had used a hose pipe to extinguish the fire pit before going to bed that night and it appears it was not fully extinguished.”

The fire pit was placed in close proximity to garden furniture which caught alight causing the fire to spread to fencing near the garage.

“It was an extensive fire that destroyed the garage and spread to the roof of the house causing significant damage. Fortunately the smoke alarm sounded, which enable the occupiers to escape unhurt.” Tony added.

Steve Hellewell, community safety manager at Humberside Fire and Rescue Service, said: “This incident highlights the dangers barbecues and fire pits can pose. With the continued warm weather, the use of these types of equipment increases, as does the risk associated with them.

“I urge people to ensure all embers a fully extinguished by using a hose pipe or a bucket of water. It is also important to keep them a safe distance away from wooden decking, fencing and furniture.”

The Service also wants to remind residents of the importance of having working smoke alarms fitted in their homes.

“The smoke alarm did its job and alerted the family to the fire, it could have been a far different outcome had this not happened. I urge all residents to ensure they have working smoke alarms in their homes. If a fire does break out, it could save your life,” Steve added.