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Carbon Monoxide alarms saves a Scunthorpe family

22 March 2013

(As reported by The Scunthorpe Telegraph)

A MOTHER says a carbon monoxide alarm saved her family’s life after a leak at her home.

Humberside Fire and Rescue Service were called to the Brasier family home on the High Street in East Butterwick at around 8.30pm on Tuesday

Mum Tracey, 52, dialled 999 after saying she felt “petrified” when the alarm sounded.

Earlier, her daughters, Jordana, 17, and Ella-Rose, 15, had both complained of tiredness, while she said both dogs were also lethargic.

She praised the “brilliant” efforts of the fire and ambulance crews who attended and called on more people to regularly check the fires in their homes.

She said: “When the alarm went off, it was warning us that the levels were rising and to get some ventilation in to the house.

“It was all quite scary and I went round opening all the doors and windows and called the fire service.”

There had been signs earlier in the day that something was not right.

“My youngest daughter was complaining of headaches when she came in from school and my other daughter said she was tired,” she said.

“I have had the alarm for about three years and the noise from the alarm was deafening when it went off.

“I did not know whether to call 999 as there was no fire, so I had to Google who to call, but when I spoke to the fire service they put me in touch with the right people and they came straight out.

“It saved our lives.

“The levels could have got a lot higher.”

The family home is heated by a fire in the front room that is multi-fuelled and can use both coal and logs.

The house is also heated by an oil boiler and Tracey said people are not aware that oil can also be behind carbon monoxide problems.

Tracey and her two daughters were taken to Scunthorpe General Hospital for treatment following the incident.

Tracey said the levels of carbon monoxide in herself and her daughters continued to grow while they were in the hospital, forcing them to stay on oxygen for some time.

The family were able to return to the property in the early hours of yesterday.

A spokesman for Humberside Fire and Rescue said it was called in after the carbon monoxide alarm activated

The spokesman said: “We ventilated the property after testing for carbon monoxide because it was found present.”

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