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Driving tips ‘yule’ need this winter

18 December 2015

We are experiencing more and more extreme weather conditions in the UK and these incidents can occur sometimes without any notice. Despite the recent warm spell, poor driving conditions are likely at some stage over the festive period including snow blizzards, fog, high winds or torrential downpours, all of which can affect your performance on the road.

Whatever the weather, it is always a good idea to get into the habit of doing a pre-journey check on your car, especially before long journeys. You should consider the following:

• Ask yourself – is your journey absolutely essential?
• Check your local weather forecasts to prepare for hazardous conditions

• Take time to de-ice your vehicle, including the windows for optimum visibility

• Clear snow and ice from the roof of your vehicle to prevent it dislodging en route

• Give yourself extra time to make essential journeys safely

Pre-journey vehicle checks… Use the POWDERY checklist:

P ETROL (or DIESEL) – Have you got enough? Do you know where to fill up?
O IL – check levels once a month
W ATER – check radiator and screen levels once a month
D AMAGE – check wipers, lights etc for signs of wear and tear or damage
E LECTRICS – check lights, indicators and controls are working properly
R UBBER – are your tyres well inflated, legal, with good tread and free from damage?
Y OURSELF – are you fit to drive? Have you slept well? Are you taking any medication that could make it unsafe for you to drive?

Finally, the most important of all. Never drive after drinking alcohol. Many motorists are still not fit to drive the morning after a large amount of alcohol, even if they have had a decent sleep.

Have a safe and enjoyable Christmas and New Year.