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Firefighters urge residents to take eggs-tra care this Easter

17 April 2014

The Easter break is fast approaching and with the weather forecasted mostly dry and sunny, firefighters are urging those planning barbecue to take extra care.

Steve Duffield, Community Safety Manager at Humberside Fire and Rescue Service, said: “With the good weather forecast, we want to remind people to think about the potential fire risks as the dangers associated with barbecue fires can be easily avoided. The best advice is to pour cold water on the embers when you have finished as they can remain hot for some time.”

The warning comes after Firefighers attended an incident last year where a resident had left the barbecue embers over night to cool, the next morning they emptied the embers into a wheelie bin. As they were still warm, the rubbish caught fire and caused a serious fire, which spread to a shed and caused damage to neighbouring properties.

The Service says there are other safety precautions residents should take:

Never leave the barbecue unattended.

Ensure the barbecue is on a flat site, well away from wooden sheds or fencing, trees or shrubs.

Never use petrol or other flammable liquids to light a barbeque.

Keep a bucket of water nearby for emergencies.

Don’t barbecue if under the influence of alcohol.

Never put ashes straight into a dustbin or wheelie bin – they could melt the plastic and cause a fire.

Pour cold water onto the embers once finished.

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