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High rise rescue training

14 March 2014

North Lincolnshire Homes has teamed up Humberside Fire and Rescue Service (HFRS) to carry out a training exercise in Scunthorpe. On Monday 17 March, Sutton House in Market Hill, Scunthorpe will be used to test emergency plans on the procedures followed in event of a fire in a high rise building.

Residents of Sutton House have been notified in advance of the exercise and will have the chance to watch, as those acting as casualties, are rescued by firefighters from the top floor of the building where cosmetic smoke will be used to simulate a fire.

Becky Shardlow, Senior Lettings Officer, said: “The safety of our tenants is paramount so it’s important we work closely with Humberside Fire and Rescue Service to make sure we all know what to do in case of a fire.

“I want to thank all the residents of Market Hill for their patience and co-operation while the training takes place. It can be a little unnerving to see so many fire fighters and smoke, but it’s important we do training exercises such as these so we can keep tenants safe.”

Mark Garrod, exercise coordinator at HFRS said: “This is an excellent example of two organisations working together to test their emergency plans. Sutton House provides a realistic environment for crews to put in to practise the procedures we follow when attending a fire in a high rise building.

Four fire engines and a 30 metre extendable ladder Ariel Rescue Platform appliance will be used at the exercise. New Equipment and procedures will also be tested, including a Gateway board and Cleveland Roll hose.

“The gateway board allows monitoring from the ground of personnel and equipment at the incident and the Cleveland Roll hose woks effectively in narrow spaces.
Opportunities like this are invaluable for testing our equipment and they also help maintain the skills of our firefighters.” Mark added.

The exercise will begin at 19:00hrs on Monday 17 March and last for approximately 90 minutes.