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Humberside Fire and Rescue Service want your votes for your ‘Local Hero’

1 September 2014

Members of the community are urged to vote for their ‘Local Hero 2014’ as the deadline approaches on Friday 19 September.

Humberside Fire and Rescue Service want your votes for your ‘Local Hero’

The Local Hero Award, sponsored by DFDS, is given to a member of the public or the fire service who has acted in a way befitting the title of Local Hero. The winner will be announced at the Humberside Fire are Rescue Service Community Awards Ceremony on Thursday 25 September.

This year’s shortlisted nominees for the DFDS Local Hero Award are:

Duncan Kirk from Hull
In July last year, Duncan attended a property in Norton Grove to undertake joinery work. On arrival, he heard the smoke alarms activating and a man’s voice from inside. Without thought for his own safety, he opened the door and found the property filled with smoke. He entered to find a disabled gentleman in his armchair and Duncan managed to help him into his wheelchair and evacuate from the property. On arrival Humberside Fire and Rescue crews administered oxygen to the casualty. There is no doubt that, without Duncan’s actions, this situation would have been a lot worse.

Frank Walster from Hull
Frank joined the Special Constabulary, which is made up of volunteers, in 1975 and spent all his 39 year service working in the city of Hull. Frank was promoted through the ranks, reaching Special Superintendent, before his retirement last year. Frank was the longest serving officer in the force and his commitment still remains strong as a volunteer. Over the years Frank has given an incredible amount of time to public service in a complex, stressful and, at times, violent role, all without financial gain. There is no doubt about his selfless contribution to making Hull a safer place to be.

Joe Toplass from Scunthorpe
Joe was at the home of Danny Nobbs in March 2014. Danny complained of feeling dizzy to his partner and within a few minutes he has passed out. Joe, being the only person in the house with First Aid Training, assessed Danny and put him in the recovery position. However after a short while Danny stopped breathing and had no pulse. Joe turned him onto his back and gave him CPR whilst an ambulance was called. Joe continued CPR until the paramedic put a defibrillator on Danny. After two shocks Danny was taken to Scunthorpe Hospital and taken into intensive care, where he again needed a defibrillator. After a few days in intensive care Danny was transferred to Hull Royal Infirmary. Danny is now fitted with an internal defibrillator, but would not be here had it not been for the quick thinking and actions of Joe.

Hilary Daley and Sue McKay from Hull
On the night of 8 May 2014, 76 year old Hilary Daley heard her neighbour’s smoke alarm. Despite shouting through the letter box to wake her neighbour, who suffers from Alzheimers, it took considerable time to make contact with Sylvia, who lives alone. After opening the door, Sylvia returned back upstairs saying all of her electrics had gone off. Hilary and Sue went into the flat which was full of smoke and brought out Sylvia, and on leaving, Hilary doused the fire in a kitchen bin with a pan of water. Everyone escaped the property though Hilary was given oxygen at the scene by firefighters. Hilary and Sue’s actions clearly avoided a much more serious situation.

Katrina Goodhand, Partnerships Officer for Humberside Fire & Rescue Service, said:

‘At the Service we could not do our job without the help of the public. When people put themselves in danger to help others we feel they deserve special recognition. We have so few opportunities to show our gratitude but the Community Awards ceremony gives and ideal opportunity for the Service, partner organisations and sponsors to reward and recognise the heroes who walk among us. The local hero award is decided by public vote, it would be too difficult for the Service to decide who would be the most worthy of being called the ‘2014 Local Hero’ because they are all heroes to us and are all already winners for being nominated and shortlisted for this award’.

Previous winners have included; a taxi driver who rescued a girl from drowning when her car went into a pond. A man who saved a neighbour from his burning house. Two men who pulled a young girl from her burning car and a lady who doused the flames of a young person who was on fire.

To vote for the 2014 Humberside Fire & Rescue Service Local Hero, simply choose who you think should win:

You can text ‘Duncan’ ‘Frank’ ‘Joe’ or ‘Hilary and Sue’ to 07581 495960

You can email ‘Duncan’ ‘Frank’ ‘Joe’ or ‘Hilary and Sue’ to

Or you can write you to:

Local Hero
Humberside Fire & Rescue Service

No stamp is required

Hurry, the closing date for votes is Friday 19 September.