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Residents asked to prepare for high tides this morning

6 December 2013

Following last night’s high tides Humberside Fire and Rescue Service is urging residents to make preparations for a second possible flood with this morning’s tide. The areas affected last night are likely to be affected again this morning

Last night the Service dealt with 186 flood incidents and rescues or lead out 181 people to safety. There are steps people can take if they are at risk of flooding.

Richard Hannigan, Chief Fire Officer for Humberside Fire and Rescue, said: “Whilst we are experiencing these difficult weather conditions it is important to only call 999 if there is a real emergency or risk to life. We must prioritise our calls for those who are most in need of our assistance. However, I must emphasise that you should still call 999 in an emergency so that an experienced Control room operator can deal with your situation. You must not try and call your local fire station directly.”

Tune in to the local radio and television stations and listen to the local radio and TV weather forecasts for advice from the emergency services.

Also keep an eye on social media – Humberside Fire and Rescue Service Facebook page and the twitter accounts HumbersideFire, Humberbeat, NELincs, NLincs EnvAgency Hullccnews.

Key messages from the Emergency Services

Alert neighbours, particularly the elderly and vulnerable

Move vehicles and valuables higher ground

Roll up carpets and rugs and move them out of harm’s way

Empty furniture drawers and cupboards, Place the contents and any furniture you can move upstairs

Any furniture you can’t move could be raised on bricks and pulled away from the wall

Weigh down any furniture which is too heavy to move, to stop it from floating and damaging walls and windows

Fasten plastic bags around the legs of wooden furniture to help minimise absorption of water

If possible, take the curtains down or wrap them round the curtain pole

Move computer and other electrical equipment upstairs or above the anticipated water level

Turn off gas and electricity at the mains

Put plugs in sinks and weigh them down with something heavy to prevent backflow from the drains. Weigh down the toilet seat too

Disconnect electrical appliances

Check food and water supplies and take upstairs

Bring caged outdoor pets inside, and move all pets with food, water, bedding and litter trays upstairs

Store valuable or sentimental items and important documents upstairs or in a high place

Any flood protection equipment, such as flood boards or airbrick covers put them in place