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Road users urged to take care on the roads during industrial action

4 December 2014

With further industrial action planned from 09:00hrs on Tuesday 9 December to 09:00hrs Wednesday 10 December, Humberside Fire and Rescue is urging road users to take extra care on the roads while there are less firefighters at work

Dene Sanders, Chief Fire Officer at Humberside Fire and Rescue Service said: “It is not just keeping safe from fire that needs to be on peoples minds, being safe on the roads is just as important and during industrial action I urge people to take extra care. We do have a level of service in place during the strike, but we have fewer resources available than usual. Road accidents often happen when people get distracted. I urge people to think about their safety on the roads as well as the safety of others.”

There are numerous reasons why road traffic collisions can happen and there are simple steps people can take to reduce the risks:

Reduce your speed, don’t exceed the limit

Never use a mobile whilst driving, pull over and stop

Take care when overtaking, if in doubt, don’t pull out

Think bike – look out for cyclists and bikers

Always wear a seat belt

Don’t drive when you are tired

Take extra care in adverse weather conditions

“The safety of those in our community remains a priority however, during the strike, we will priorities the calls where there is a risk to life so I urge road users to play their part. These tips may seem obvious, but by adhering to them it will reduce the risk of a collision happening and keep our roads safer,” CFO Sanders said.