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Safety warning as electric blanket causes fire

17 July 2014

Crews were called to a house fire in Ramsey Road in Bridlington this morning. The fire began when an electric blanket that had been left on overnight began to smoulder and caused the bedding to set alight.

Attending Officer, Paul Hayden, said: “Fortunately the woman who lives the property was not in bed at the time the fire broke out and it was her smoke alarm that alerted her to the fire. The house was heavily smoked logged and crews quickly extinguished the fire which had destroyed the bedding.”

The woman was led to safety and only suffered minor smoke inhalation.

“This incident highlights the importance of having working smoke alarms. Had the alarm not sounded and alerted the woman to the fire, the outcome could have been much worse. I also want to stress how important it is to turn off electric blankets overnight. They should be in good working order, checked regularly and renewed every three years.”

The Fire Service urges resident to check on their elderly relatives and neighbours.

Paul added “If you have an elderly relative or neighbour, offer to check their smoke alarm is working. It is a quick and simple task and it could save their life one day. Obviously residents should only open their door to neighbours that they know and trust.”