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Smoke alarm alerts parents to bedroom fire

22 January 2014

Lighters and matches in the wrong hands pose significant risks.

Humberside Fire and Rescue Service is reminding residents of the importance of keeping matches and lighters out of children’s reach after attending a house fire in Driffield on 18 January, 2014.

The emergency call was received at 10.28 and two engines from Driffield Fire Station were at the property by 10.36. Despite the fire having been extinguished prior to their arrival, a fire investigation officer assessed the scene and established that a lighter had been the cause of the fire in the children’s bedroom.

Fire Investigation Officer Gary Chew said:

“Thankfully no one was seriously injured as a result of this incident. Fortunately, the residents had a working smoke alarm, which alerted them to the danger, otherwise the outcome could have been a lot worse”.

Gary went on to mention another common increased risk having established the cause of the fire:

“Bedrooms can often be a fire hazard as wooden furniture, beds, cushions, soft toys, games and clothes are usually in a quite confined space, which, if ignited, could spread very quickly. We would urge parents to be aware of this potential fire risk and certainly to keep matches and lighters well out of children’s reach”.

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