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UK Road Safety Week begins

9 June 2014

As Chief Fire Officers Association (CFOA) UK Road Safety Week begins (9 to 15 June), Humberside Fire and Rescue Service (HFRS), along with other fire and rescue services across the country, will promote a week of road safety activities to local communities

The Road Safety team at HFRS will deliver a timetable of events throughout the week in a bid to reduce incidents on the region’s roads. This year’s message is; ‘Be Safe Out There’ and UK Road Safety Week provides an opportunity to raise awareness and promote targeted road safety messages to road users including pedestrians, car drivers, cyclists and motorbike riders.

Louise Marritt, HFRS Road Safety team leader, explains, “We will be focussing efforts on high risk road user groups, such as motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians.”

131 motorcyclists were killed or seriously injured in the Humber region last year.

Louise explained: “Dehydration can adversely affect your mental performance, alertness and ability to concentrate. Split second reactions may sometimes be needed to take the appropriate action to avoid a collision. If you are thirsty, your mental function may be affected by as much as 10%. The message is simple, be safe and keep hydrated.”

Cyclists’ deaths and injuries on the road nationally have increased year on year for the last 8 years, with 96 cyclists killed or seriously injured on our region’s roads in 2013. Nationally, the majority of cyclist accidents (93%) resulted from a collision with another vehicle.

“Wearing hi-visibility and reflective clothing increases a cyclist’s chances of being seen, I urge all cyclists to ensure they can be seen. Wearing a cycle helmet is essential as, should a collision occur, it will reduce the severity of head injuries by absorbing the impact,” Louise added.

Last year, 101 pedestrians were killed or seriously injured in the Humberside area. Nationally, around 60 per cent of pedestrian casualties are believed to be due to failing to look properly.

Listening to music, texting, phoning friends and accessing social media are all distractions that can mean pedestrians are at a higher risk of being involved in a road traffic collision.

“The advice to pedestrians is look out, listen up and be aware of other road users,” Louise added.

Timetable of events during UK Road Safety Week

Mon 9 June

‘drive4life’ young drivers safety presentation and iCar experience for BTEC students from the Skills Funding Agency at the Learning Centre, Calvert Lane Fire Station (09:00 – 12:00)

Cycle safety campaign literature, Cycle Yorkshire’s ‘Urban Cycling Guide’ distribution to cycle dealerships in Hull and the East Riding during the afternoon

Tues 10 June

Scooter safety package, ‘Bare Bones’ to apprentices at Humberside Engineering Training Association (HETA), Copenhagen Rd, Kingston upon Hull (09:00 -12:00)

Motorcycle safety campaign, BikeSafe, literature distribution to dealerships and garages in Hull and the East Riding during the afternoon

Wed 11 June

‘ride4life’ bike safety presentation and FireBike to students at Act Fast (Alternative Education Training), Kettering Road, Scunthorpe (13:00 -16:00)

Motorcycle and cycle safety campaign literature to dealerships and colleges in North Lincs and North East Lincs during the afternoon

Thurs 12 June

‘drive4life’ young drivers safety presentations and iCar experience for students at East Riding College. Beverley campus (09:00 -12:00) and Bridlington campus (13:00 -16:00)

Fri 13 June

‘drive4life’ young drivers safety presentation and iCar experience for BTEC students from the Skills Funding Agency at Goole Fire Station (13:00 -16:00)

Sat 14 June

‘The Wolds Trek 3.’ Sponsored 24 mile walk through the Yorkshire Wolds, starting and finishing at Kilnwick Percy Golf Club, Pocklington, in aid of the TOM Foundation. Further information can be found at