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Unnecessary 999 calls

12 December 2013

As two periods of industrial action approach, Humberside Fire and Rescue Service is appealing for members of the public to assist them by avoiding unnecessary 999 calls.

Strike action has been announced by the Fire Brigades Union, from 18:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs on Friday 13 December and Saturday 14 December.

Although the service will be providing an emergency response to 999 calls during those periods, staffing restrictions mean a reduced service will be in place.

That means it is crucial fire crews on duty are available to react quickly to the most serious incidents, should emergencies occur.

Therefore the public are being asked to think carefully about whether their call is necessary before dialling 999.

Deputy Chief Fire Officer Dene Sanders said: “The contingency plans we have in place mean that we will still be able to respond to 999 calls, but the service we can provide will be more basic than normal.

“That means it is really important that people only call us if they really do need a fire engine. Our first duty is safeguarding life and we will prioritise calls where that risk exists.

“It would be a tremendous assistance if calls which could be dealt with by another agency could be diverted elsewhere.

“We know at first hand from last week’s flooding incidents how supportive the public are of the work we do at Humberside Fire and Rescue Service.

“We would ask that people show that support once again by helping us to avoid overburdening the service with calls which could be avoided.”

Despite this, we would stress that anyone with any doubts about whether they should dial 999 should always make the call. They will then be guided by an experienced operator in our control room.

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