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Warning following a barbeque fire

28 May 2013

Firefighters are warning residents to be extra vigilant when using charcoal barbeques following a serious fire over the bank holiday weekend.

Crews were called to Dawn Court in Hedon yesterday (Monday 27 May) when embers from a barbeque had ignited a garden shed, which quickly spread to neighbouring gardens. The fire totally destroyed the fencing, sheds and decking to four neighbouring properties; guttering and windows were also damaged.

Phil Leake, Community Safety Manager at Humberside Fire and Rescue Service, said: “Fortunately no one was injured in the fire but it caused extensive damage. This really does highlight the importance of taking care when barbequing. Embers can retain heat for some time.

“The owner of the property used the barbeque the night before and emptied the embers into a plastic bag the following morning. The embers were still warm and began to smoulder setting fire to the garden shed.

“I urge residents to ensure the embers are fully out when they have finished barbequing by pouring water over them and only empty them into a steel container as plastic can be flammable when coming into contact with heat,” Phil said.

Other safety advice is to ensure barbeques are set up away from wooden fencing and sheds and some distance from buildings. Always use recognised fire lighters for charcoal barbeques and for gas, make sure the barbeque is in good condition before use.

“We want people to enjoy the good weather but would urge them to be cautious when having a barbeque. The safest way to stop a fire from starting is to pour cold water on the embers once finished,” Phil added.