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Warning to smokers: Don’t let your home go up in smoke

28 March 2013

Humberside Fire and Rescue Service is highlighting the dangers of smoking in the home in a bid to keep smokers safer from fire.

In 2012, smoking related materials have been responsible for 46 house that occurred in the Humberside area.

Daryl Oprey, Head of Safety at Humberside Fire and Rescue, said: “Most people are aware of the health risks associated with smoking; but it may surprise some to learn what the devastating effects of carelessly discarded smoking materials can be.

“It can endanger the life of the smoker and those around them. We would always encourage people to try to give up, however we accept that smoking related fires remain a big problem in our community.” Daryl added.

The advice urges smokers to:

Always use a proper ash tray
Never smoke in bed
Put it out, right out

Daryl went on to say: “Many of the house fires caused by smoking materials are preventable, I urge people to think about their safety and the safety of others. Falling asleep with a lit cigarette can have devastating consequences, within seconds fabrics can catch fire causing death or serious injury. Following this advice could save lives.”

Residents are also reminded to ensure they have working smoke alarms fitted on each level of their home and to test them weekly.