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5 December 2013

ALL EMERGENCY services and local councils are warning people that the worst is not yet over and to expect further disruption in the morning of Friday 06 December.

Currently this is a CRITICAL incident for the whole of the Humberside area and people need to be taking the messages being issued very seriously and not ignoring the advice which is going out. By ignoring this advice people really are going to be putting themselves in potentially life threatening situations.

Concerns have already been raised following reports of people, at Cleethorpes, running into the tide and standing at the side of the sea to see what is happening. The consequences of this are severe and the force of the tide and the wind could take those people away, with nothing anyone can do to stop it.

A search and rescue operation has begun tonight, to search for three people who it is believed may have fallen into the River Humber close to Flixborough. This is an on going operation and further details are not available.

Vehicles have also been travelling the wrong way down the A63, Hull. This is again causing issues for police and local emergency services as they look to try and help people who are affected by the flooding in the area. Please be patient and do not cause unnecessary work for those trying to assist with keeping people safe.

The current areas which have severe weather warnings in place, across Humberside include: Grimsby, Cleethorpes, Humberston Fitties, Victoria Dock in Hull, Keadby, Gunness, Burringham, Kilnsea, Goole, Hessle Haven to the Humber Bridge and any places close to the Humber Estuary. These places, and potentially others which have so far not been affected, will also be at risk in the early hours of Friday 06 December.

It is anticipated that High Tide will take place at Bridlington from around 0600hrs and move itself along the coast. This will result in water levels being considerably higher than normal and breaches will be likely to happen. People should therefore not relax their current preventative measures and ensure that precautions are still in place.

Police would like to also remind people that if they are asked to leave, or not enter a specific area this is to help prevent risk of potential injuries and to ensure safety is not compromised. This needs to be observed by everyone in areas in which severe weather warnings are in place.

Consideration is also to be given, on Friday 06 December, as to if you really need to travel. The current places which have flooded will pose significant travel disruption during the day. So the message is simple, if you don’t have to travel then don’t!

This is an extremely dynamic situation in which a number of agencies are working together to help minimise the chances of disruption and to focus on saving lives and rescue those people who are affected. Please help yourselves by taking note of the messages given by the emergency services as a matter of urgency.

Key messages from the Emergency Services

Tune in to the local radio and television stations and listen to the local radio and TV weather forecasts for advice from the emergency services. Also keep an eye on social media – Humberside Police Facebook page and the twitter accounts Humberbeat, HumbersideFire NELincs, NLincs EnvAgency Hullccnews

Alert neighbours, particularly the elderly and vulnerable.

Move vehicles and valuables higher ground

Roll up carpets and rugs and move them out of harm’s way.

Empty furniture drawers and cupboards, Place the contents and any furniture you can move upstairs.

Any furniture you can’t move could be raised on bricks and pulled away from the wall

Weigh down any furniture which is too heavy to move, to stop it from floating and damaging walls and windows.

Fasten plastic bags around the legs of wooden furniture to help minimise absorption of water.

If possible, take the curtains down or wrap them round the curtain pole.

Move computer and other electrical equipment upstairs or above the anticipated water level.

Turn off gas and electricity at the mains.

Put plugs in sinks and weigh them down with something heavy to prevent backflow from the drains. Weigh down the toilet seat too.

Disconnect electrical appliances.

Check food and water supplies and take upstairs.

Bring caged outdoor pets inside, and move all pets with food, water, bedding and litter trays upstairs.

Store valuable or sentimental items and important documents upstairs or in a high place

Any flood protection equipment, such as flood boards or airbrick covers put them in place.

Do as much as you can in daylight.