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Our policies

Thank you for visiting our policies area. 

We're currently updating the web page and our policies are still available in the menu on the right. 

Corporate Assurance administer our policies and can be contacted on

Policy Index
 Abatement PolicyCorporate ServicesFinance and Procurement
Absence Management PolicyPeople and DevelopmentHR
Adoption PolicyPeople and DevelopmentHR
Agile Working PolicyPeople and DevelopmentHR
Airwave PolicyService Delivery SupportICT
Anti-Bribery PolicyCorporate ServicesFinance
Anti-Fraud and Corruption PolicyCorporate ServicesFinance
Anti-Money Laundering PolicyCorporate ServicesFinance
Asbestos on Service Premises PolicyService ImprovementHealth and Safety 
Atypical Workers PolicyService ImprovementHealth and Safety
BA and Equipment PolicyService Delivery SupportFleet and Equipment
Business Continuity Management PolicyService Delivery SupportEmergency Preparedness
Career Break Scheme PolicyPeople and DevelopmentHR
Communications and Co-operation PolicyService ImprovementHealth and Safety
Complaints PolicyService ImprovementCorporate Assurance
Confined Space PolicyService ImprovementHealth and Safety
Consultation and Engagement PolicyService ImprovementCorporate Assurance
Contamination of Personnel in a Non-Emergency Situation PolicyService ImprovementHealth and Safety
Contract Management Guide Corporate ServicesFinance
Control Flexible Block Leave System PolicyService DeliveryEmergency Response
Control Mobilising PolicyService DeliveryControl
Control of Contractors and Visitors PolicyService ImprovementHealth and Safety
Control of Health and Safety Environment PolicyService ImprovementHealth and Safety
Control of Substances Hazardous to Health PolicyService ImprovementHealth and Safety
Corporate Planning PolicyService ImprovementHealth and Safety
Critical Incident Stress PolicyService ImprovementOccupational Health
Data Protection Impact Assessment - Standard Delivery Guidance (DIPA)Service ImprovementCorporate Assurance
Data Protection PolicyService ImprovementCorporate Assurance
Data Protection RequestService ImprovementCorporate Assurance
Decision Log PolicyService Delivery SupportEmergency Preparedness
Dignity at Work PolicyPeople and DevelopmentHR
Disciplinary PolicyPeople and DevelopmentHR
Display Screen Equipment PolicyService ImprovementHealth and Safety
Disposal and Destruction of Records Standard Delivery GuidanceService ImprovementCorporate Assurance
Drug and Alcohol Abuse PolicyPeople and DevelopmentHR
Early Retirement Scheme PolicyPeople and DevelopmentHR
Early Voluntary Release PolicyPeople and DevelopmentHR
Electricity Services PolicyService ImprovementHealth and Safety
Emergency Call Management PolicyService DeliveryControl
Enquiries by Media PolicyService ImprovementCorporate Assurance
Environmental Management Policy StatementService ImprovementHealth and Safety
Equality and Inclusion PolicyPeople and DevelopmentOrganisational Development
Exercises PolicyService ImprovementHealth and Safety
Exits from Service PolicyPeople and DevelopmentHR
Fatigue PolicyService ImprovementOccupational Health
Finance PolicyCorporate ServicesFinance
Fire Safety ArrangementsService ImprovementHealth and Safety
Firewall PolicyService Delivery SupportICT
First Aid PolicyService ImprovementHealth and Safety
Flexible Duty System (FDS) PolicyService DeliveryEmergency Response
Flood and Water Rescue PolicyService Delivery SupportEmergency Preparedness
Funeral Death and Critical Conditions in Service PolicyPeople and DevelopmentHR
Gifts and Hospitality PolicyService ImprovementCorporate Assurance
Grievance PolicyPeople and DevelopmentHR
Health and Safety Executive Inspectors Service ImprovementHealth and Safety
Health and Safety Policy StatementService ImprovementHealth and Safety
Health Surveillance Policy  
Health, Safety & Environmental Plans  
HFRS Structure  
Hoax Calls Policy