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Dog walking and water safety

Make sure you and your dog are safe when walking near water

dog walker along canal bank
  • Avoid throwing sticks or balls near water for dogs - they will go after it if they think you want it back even if you've thrown it too far or into dangerous water.
  • Never enter the water to try and save a dog - the dog usually manages to scramble out.
  • Even dogs that like swimming can usually only swim for short bursts - keep an eye of your dog and don't let it enter the water if it's older or tired.
  • If your dog loves the water keep it on a lead and make sure you have control to prevent it jumping into hazardous or unsafe areas.
  • Remember the wet riverbanks, steep edges or jagged rocks can make it hard for a dog to scramble out and be a slip risk for owners.
  • Don't lean into water and try and lift your dog out - you can topple in.
  • Dogs can have cold water shock too.
  • If your dog has struggled in the water it may have inhaled water and should see a vet as dogs can drown after the event if water has entered the lungs.