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Drinking and water safety

Don’t Drink and Drown

Statistics show that Saturday nights have a higher number of drownings than any other night of the week. Many drowning victims are under the influence of alcohol. Alcohol reduces inhibitions and can mean you take more risks.

young man struggling to get out of marina
  • If you’ve been drinking stay out of water.
  • Open water can become very cold just a few feet under the surface and can cause cramps or Cold Water Shock.
  • Alcohol will impair judgement and control.
  • It’s likely to be dark and night time so fewer people to see you in distress.
  • Stay with your group and don't wander off if you become separated.
  • Keep an eye on any friends who are worse for wear and make sure you help them home.
  • Avoid walking near water even if the path is lit, you may not realise how unsteady on your feet you are.
  • In the dark you may not see trip hazards of even the water's edge.
  • If you fall in after drinking your chances of being able get out of the water are decreased as alcohol impairs even simple movements.
  • Make sure you store a taxi number in your phone and some emergency money at home so you can pay.  If the money is at home you can't lose it or accidentally spend it.