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Call out charges

Below are the breakdown of charges for a call-out to a fire alarm activation in an organisation which turns out to be a false alarm. A charge will be made from the fourth call-out to the same premises within a 12 month rolling period.

Minimum call out charge for 2020/21 = £353.25 per hour

Charge out rate (as per Special Services approved charges from 1 April 2020
One hour1 x Crew Manager£37.75
One hour3 x Firefighters£104.25
One hour 1 x Fire Engine£136.50
Administrative costs1 hour of a Station Manager£50.50
 1 hour of a support staff member £24.25







The hourly rate is based on one fire engine with a crew of four and administrative costs.

Call out charges will vary depending on how many fire engines and crew members attend. Administrative costs for a Station Manager and support staff member are added to every call out charge.