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HMOs - houses in multiple occupation

This document has been prepared as a guide for local housing authorities to help them understand how to implement the reforms to houses in multiple occupation (HMO) licensing.

three storey terraced flats

Prior to October 2018 HMOs that had three or more storeys and were occupied by five or more persons forming at least two separate households, required a licence under the Housing Act 2004 .

Since 1 October 2018, mandatory licensing of HMOs has been extended so that HMOs which house five or more people in two or more separate households and share a bathroom or kitchen will require a licence.

New mandatory conditions to be included in licences have also been introduced, prescribing national minimum sizes for rooms used as sleeping accommodation and requiring landlords to adhere to council refuse schemes.

Further information can be found on the website or the local authority in which the property is situated.


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