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As part of its ongoing commitment to “Safer Communities, Safer Firefighters”, Humberside Fire and Rescue Service will visit, inspect and audit a wide range of premises to which the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 applies.

If fire safety deficiencies are discovered that put people at risk, we will take action to ensure that the premises are made safer from fire for everybody. This action will be proportionate to the risk posed and can range from giving advice on how matters may be improved (Informal notices), to requiring works to be done within a certain time period and prohibiting the use of a premises, through STATUTORY NOTICES.

As an Enforcing Authority of fire safety legislation, we are required by the Environment and Safety Information Act 1988 to maintain a public register of the Statutory Notices we have served.
Notices included on the register are:

  • Alterations Notices: An alterations notice may be served on the responsible person if the Fire and Rescue Authority is of the opinion that any structural alterations being made to the premises will constitute a serious risk to relevant persons (whether due to features of the premises, their use, and any hazard present or any other circumstances). An alterations notice does not necessarily mean that the responsible person has failed to comply with any requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.
  • Enforcement Notices: Where the Fire and Rescue Authority is of the opinion that the person responsible for fire safety in the premises has failed to comply with any provision of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. The notice must state why the Fire Authority is of that opinion, specify the provisions which have not been complied with, and must give a timescale (not less than 28 days) in which to take steps to remedy the failures. The Notice will normally include directions as to the measures which the Fire Authority consider are necessary to remedy the failure(s).

Prohibition Notices: Where the advisor considers that the use of the premises involves, or will involve, a risk to persons on the premises in the event of fire so serious that use of the premises ought to be prohibited or restricted, the Humberside Fire and Rescue Service may serve a Prohibition Notice. The notice may prohibit use immediately or after a specified time and not allow it to be used until remedial action has been taken. The notice will explain why the action is necessary.

  • The register is available for public inspection via the National Enforcement Register on the National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) website, which can be found here.
  • Each entry in the register will be indexed and contain sufficient detail to convey the substance of the notice to which it relates.
  • Information of notices will be available for public inspection on the register within 14 days of expiry of the 21 day statutory appeal period. Where an appeal is made, no notice will be recorded until a decision on the appeal is reached. No entry will be made if a notice is ‘overturned’ by the Courts.
  • The status of each notice is displayed on the register, an Enforcement Notice will either be “In Force” OR “Complied With” a “Prohibition Notice” and “Alterations Notice” will be either “In Force” or “Withdrawn”.
  • Should the status of a notice change e.g. it is ‘withdrawn’ or ‘complied with’, the register will be updated to reflect these changes.
  • Entries will remain on the register for a period of five years or for as long as they remain in force.

The Enforcement and Advisory Management team within Humberside Fire and Rescue Service will ensure that any information held on the register is current.

Please see the link to our position statement below which explains how you should expect to be treated fairly.

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