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Your Local Area

Humberside Fire and Rescue Service provides a fire and rescue service to each of the four local authorities in the Humberside area.

Each area is covered by its own Public Safety team and each team determines how best to deliver services to the community and shares good practice and initiatives throughout the Service area. Resources and risk are taken into account to ensure an effective, efficient and economic service is delivered at a local level.

We are a safe space

Our fire stations and fire engines are recognised as safe spaces for anyone who is in need of help, feeling vulnerable, lost or harassed. We are always here for you.

Many of our fire stations operate 24/7 and you can find out where our fire stations are based in this section of our website.

Sometimes our firefighters may be out to attend to 999 incidents and other safety related activities. If we are not in, there are contact details near the front door if you need further support.


Circa 921k
Size of area:
1,358 square
Stations Stations: 31 (19 On-Call, 9 Full-Time, 3 crewed by On-Call and Full-Time)
Fire engines Fire engines: 46 fire engines and 10 reserves
90 368: Fires put out (August 2021)
301 979: Incidents attended (August 2021)