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Walkers, runners, cyclists and water safety

Follow these simple steps to minimise your risk around water:

jogger on path next to lake
  • When running next to water stay back from the edges, pay attention to your footing and beware of trip hazards. Wear appropriate footwear.
  • Don’t walk or run when river levels are high, or extreme weather is expected.
  • Avoid waterside footpaths in the dark, if you do use them and use a hands free light, such as a head torch.
  • Carry a charged mobile phone with you.
  • Dogs can usually only swim for short bursts, keep an eye on your dog and don’t let them swim if old or tired.
  • If river levels are high or fast flowing keep dogs on a lead, their swimming abilities will be no match for a fast flowing river.
  • Never enter the water to save a dog in difficulty, they will usually self-rescue and it is extremely difficult to handle a panicking animal whilst in the water.