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Factory and warehouse owners are urged to review their fire risk assessments

13 December 2013

Fire safety checks on factories and warehouses are being stepped up by Humberside Fire and Rescue Service after inspectors found serious failings on recent visits in the Scunthorpe area.

Rob Grayson, Technical Fire Safety Manager for the Service, said: “Factory and warehouse owners must take responsibility for ensuring the safety of employees and visitors to their premises; I urge them to review their fire risk assessment to see how effectively the risks are being controlled.”

The Service recommends an annual review of fire risk assessments and on occasions when there is reason to suspect that it is no longer valid or there has been a significant change.

Rob continued: “Factory and warehouse owners must keep their fire risk assessment up to date, we are increasing the number of visits in the Humberside area to ensure the risk assessments are suitable and sufficient. If any factory or warehouse owners are in breach of the legislation we can serve enforcement notices and in very serious cases prohibit the use of the workplace and consider prosecution.”

If factory or warehouse owners need further advice or clarification they can access, free of charge, an online ‘Fire Safety Risk Assessment Factories and Warehouses’ publication via the DCLG website:

The Service will also be visiting other types of commercial premises to ensure compliance with fire safety legislation. Free of charge online advice is also available for a whole host of different premises types via: