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In 2024 we will gather to celebrate the 80th anniversary of D-Day. The numbers of those who remain grow fewer every year but their deeds remain as inspiring as ever. They sailed offshore, flew overhead and stormed the beaches, facing down incredible odds with unwavering resolve. Their footsteps are forever etched in history's sands and their bravery reflects the highest of human courage and determination.

To mark the 80th anniversary of D-Day, more than 1,500 beacons will be lit throughout the United Kingdom, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and UK Overseas Territories at 9.15pm on 6 June 2024. Celebrating the ‘light of peace’ that emerged out of the darkness of war, followed by an event to commemorate one of the most momentous achievements in living memory.

There is a D-Day 80 beacons website which outlines everything you may need to know regarding the celebrations, including an excellent section on the different type of beacons and how to stay safe from fire.

Click here to visit the D-Day 80 beacons website.

There are different types of beacon referred to in the guide, but the safety messages remain the same:

  • Ensure the structure and base are generally of a sound nature, able to withstand a ladder pitched against it for loading with wood for example.
  • Do not burn plastics, metals or use any accelerants.
  • Some beacons are fixed in position already, but be aware of structures or vegetation which may be different from the previous lighting. Particular attention to wind direction might help this.
  • Don’t light the beacon in very high winds
  • A responsible person should be on site to supervise the beacon at all times during and after lighting
  • Barriers or a cordon around the immediate vicinity of the beacon will protect the public from falling debris / embers etc. (lining the beacon with chicken wire may reduce this)

Download the guide to taking part here.