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Council Tax precept 2018-19

16 February 2018

Humberside Fire Authority has agreed to increase the Council Tax precept by 2.95% for 2018-19.

At its meeting on Monday 12 February 2018, the Fire Authority discussed whether to increase the Council Tax precept for the years 2018-19 and 2019-20 or to freeze it again at its current level. The Authority ran a public consultation throughout January and out of the 530 respondents, 450 indicated that they would be prepared to pay more for their fire cover.

Following a debate at Monday’s meeting, there was unanimous Authority support for an increase and a decision was made to raise the precept for 2018-19 by 2.95%.

For more information about the Council Tax precept, please click here

The following table shows how the increase will impact on households: