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Final selection process close up of fitness test screen

The following stages form the final selection process for the Full-Time firefighter recruitment process.

Pre-employment checks

You will be required to:

  • Complete a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) form (formerly known as a criminal record check)
  • Provide a copy of your driving license
  • Provide verification of your National Insurance number
  • Provide details of two referees
  • Bring documents to show that you have the right to work in the UK


Interviews will consist of four panels made up of two interviewers per panel and interview questions will be based around our Ethical Principles and Behaviours, find out more here.

Making the final selection

The top candidates from the interview process will then be invited to undertake a medical and fitness test.


Those invited for a medical will be required to complete a pre-employment medical form and can expect to undertake the following:

  • Height and weight check
  • Blood pressure check
  • Otoscopy where we check inside the ear
  • Hearing check in an audio booth
  • Spirometry where we check lung function by you breathing into a small machine
  • Eye sight where we check distance, reading colour vision and peripheral vision
  • Drugs and alcohol test

Fitness test

The multi-stage fitness tests, our bleep test, is a progressive running test that is used to predict aerobic fitness.

This involves running back and forth under twenty metre course in time with an audible bleep.

Multi stage fitness test video transcript

Multi-stage fitness tests, our bleep test,

Is a progressive running test that is used to predict aerobic fitness.

This involves running back and forth under twenty metre course in time with an audible bleep.

You should pace yourself, so that your foot touches, or is behind the line when hearing the bleep.

Before turning and running to the other end of the course in time with the next bleep.

At first, your running speed will be slow,

but will increase at the start of each level when you'll hear a triple bleep.

To be successful, you'll need to reach level 8,

shuttle 8. This is the equivalent to running

for approximately 8 and a half minutes covering a distance of 1400 metres,

which is close to one mile. You can familiarise yourself beforehand by

downloading a 20 metre bleep test app from your devices app store.

Many of these are free to download. Ensure that you use a suitable open space

and measure the distance of the course to provide an accurate result.

You can attempt a similar test on a treadmill by running for nine minutes,

starting at 8.5 kilometers per hour

and increasing speed by 0.5 kilometers per hour each minute.

You can also use a bleep test app to help you to train for the test.

Try running one level, then resting one level until you can no longer keep up with the bleep.

You can also do this with a partner by running alternate levels

and resting whilst your partner runs.

Another example is to forward the app to level 7,

complete the level, then rest for one minute and repeat three to four times.

Try to progress this to level 8,

or level 9, so that you are confident of passing the test.

Initial training

Initial training will consist of a training course spanning several weeks. Further details of the training period will be released before Full-Time firefighter recruitment begins.

The recruit training will be located at our Training School in Immingham – Immingham West Fire Station, Rosper Road, South Killingholme, Immingham DN40 3DU

A ceremonial Passing out Parade will then be held at the end of the course where family and friends can be invited and recruits can show off their new found skills and competencies.

Full-Time fire station allocation

New recruits will be given their Full-Time Station allocation, which could be anywhere within the Humberside boundary and not necessarily close to their home address. An allocation of annual leave will be planned in prior to joining the station and watch.