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Full-time recruitment ‘action’ coming soon

22 July 2016

Filming took place this week to give potential new recruits an idea of what will be involved on the road to becoming a full-time firefighter.

Full-time recruitment ‘action’ coming soon

The various physical tests will be available to view on our website next week, alongside details of six taster days across the region designed to attract under-represented groups from our community. These 'positive action' days will show how the role of a firefighter has changed significantly over the years and that there is a rewarding and challenging career waiting for many who perhaps never thought of themselves in the Fire Service.

The afternoon and evening sessions will welcome females and members of the black and minority ethnic community (BME) to get a feel for the physical tests that are typical of a firefighter’s role. These activities are a reflection of the type of tests applicants can expect to undertake as part of the process when the recruitment window opens in September 2016.

All successful applicants will then go forward to a three month new recruits course beginning in January 2017.

All information will appear on this website, including an online application form, FAQs and key dates.

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