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The shortlist for this year’s Local Hero Award is now out and we need your help to find the winner!

Sponsored by BP, this is the only award at this year’s glamorous event that is decided by public vote. There were dozens of entries from all over the Humberside Service area and it was a challenge to whittle those down to three! The winner will be announced at the Humberside Fire and Rescue Service Community Awards on Thursday 24 November 2016.

The nominees are as follows:

Sammy Irvine

Sammy is a volunteer who works as a Special Constable for Humberside Police. Sammy and her colleague, James Bee, were patrolling in Hull city centre when they became involved in an incident with a man under the influence of alcohol. As James approached, the man turned on James launching a violent assault. The man head-butted James and began viciously biting and punching him, he then forcefully tried to strangle James.

Without a second thought for her own safety, Sammy tried to restrain the man, putting all her effort into pulling him to the ground. Spraining her wrist and putting out her back in the process, Sammy fought relentlessly to hold him off until back up arrived. James also sustained injuries during the assault.

Sammy's instinctive actions to protect her colleague in a dangerous situation would make her a worthy winner of the Local Hero Award.

Mike Edwards

Off duty paramedics Mike and Tracey Edwards were walking their dogs along the River Derwent in Stamford Bridge when they heard someone cry out for help.

Mike instantly ran towards a member of the public who pointed to where a women had fallen into to the water. Without hesitation, Mike jumped into the river to rescue the women who was being swept downstream. In fast flowing water and challenging circumstances, Mike managed to reach the woman and, after struggling against the strong current, bring her safely to the riverbank.

Mike and Tracey hauled the woman out of the water and checked her airways were open and stayed by her side until paramedics arrived.

Mike’s quick thinking and selfless act potentially saved the woman’s life which gives him a deserved place on the shortlist.

Gareth Wray and Dan Lockwood

Gareth and Dan are members of support staff at Humberside Fire and Rescue Service and have had no formal operational training. One evening whilst off duty playing football on the University campus in Hull, the pair witnessed a serious road traffic collision.

The car involved had burst into flames and a person was trapped inside. The fire was spreading rapidly and, without a second thought or regard for their own safety, Gareth (red shirt) and Dan (grey shirt) quickly ran to the aid of the trapped casualty.

Without any specialist equipment or protective clothing, the pair worked as a team by lifting the dashboard and pulled the man free from the burning vehicle. They then administered first aid to the casualty and stayed by his side until the arrival of the ambulance.

Without hesitating, Gareth and Dan selflessly put themselves in a potentially life threatening situation to save the man’s life. They complete a worthy shortlist for this year's Local Hero Award sponsored by BP.

Who decide!

To vote for this year’s winner, simply choose who you think should win and vote in any of the following ways:


Simply text the word ’SAMMY’, ‘MIKE’ ‘or ‘GARETH&DAN’ to 07581 495960


You can leave a voice message on the above number and simply state ’SAMMY’, ‘MIKE’ ‘or ‘GARETH&DAN’


You can also email ’SAMMY’, ‘MIKE’ ‘or ‘GARETH&DAN’ to

Multiple votes from the same mobile phone, landline or email address will not be counted. Calls and text messages will be charged at your provider's standard rate.


You can write, stating clearly your choice of winner, you to:

Local Hero
Humberside Fire & Rescue Service

The closing date for votes is midnight on Friday 21 October 2016.