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Bonfire and firework safety tips

1 November 2019

Bonfires and fireworks are just around the corner. An enjoyable time of year for almost everyone. Remember however that not everyone shares the enthusiasm. The elderly, vulnerable, very small children and even pets might not share the excitement, so keep your outdoor celebrations safe this year by following these simple tips:

Bonfire and firework safety tips


• Keep everyone at a safe distance from anything burning
• Always have anything burning on a safe surface away from the house, fences, sheds or trees etc.
• Always check bonfires for nesting animals and other wildlife before lighting
• Whoever is supervising the fire should not drink alcohol
• Never leave bonfires unattended
• Always have water or sand handy in case the fire becomes large
• If the fire becomes out of control, call 999 immediately. Do not try to tackle it yourself

Bonfire guidelines

• Only burn dry materials
• Never burn household rubbish, rubber tyres, or anything containing plastic, foam or paint
• Items such as these should be taken to a council run waste facility
• Never use highly flammable liquids to light bonfires
• Never put aerosols or pressurised containers on a bonfire


• Attend an organised display if possible (find one near you)
• Keep everyone at a safe distance during celebrations
• If your clothes do catch fire STOP, DROP and ROLL
• Never leave fireworks unattended
• Keep fireworks in a metal box with a lid
• Use a torch to read instructions – never a candle or lighter!
• Use a taper to light fireworks
• Never go back to a firework once it has been lit
• Keep pets inside during bonfire and firework celebrations
• If using sparklers, always wear gloves