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Need More On-Call Firefighters, Need Less Road Traffic Collisions

30 June 2020

Making our communities safer, in collaboration with Humber Aid and Signs Express.

daytime and nighttime image of the artwork on Pocklington Fire Station wrapped doors

Residents and visitors alike will be reminded of the valuable work our On-Call Firefighters do in their local communities as they pass Pocklington Fire Station and its newly wrapped doors to the front of the station. Situated in the bustling town centre, the doors that the fire engines leave the station through are perfect size to spread the word and recruit more On-Call Firefighters to support their local community.

Located on main roads into the centre of Pocklington, that connect to a busy road network to York and beyond, they serve a good reminder that we ‘Need Less’ road traffic collisions and includes a quote from the station’s Watch Manager, Mandi Hyde; “If you had to cut a family out of a car following a road traffic collision you would understand why we are passionate about what we do.”

The wrapping of the doors was in collaboration with the charity Humber Aid who support local initiatives to help keep the communities in Humberside safe and Signs Express who produced and installed the wrap. The design is reflective so the messages can still be seen as the sun goes down and a stark reminder on keeping visible on the roads and pavements when it’s dark.  Pocklington Fire Station with it's new wrapped doors

Nicola Waudby, Trustee of Humber Aid said; “We are happy to support this initiative to install important messages at Pocklington Fire Station. The station is on the main roads going into the centre and the area has expanded over recent years with new housing developments and more people now commute to neighbouring towns and cities, increasing the traffic on local roads. This was an ideal opportunity to use the space to have a permanent reminder of the risk of road traffic collisions and support the local On-Call Firefighters who work hard to support their community.”

“Humber Aid Charity is there to support local campaigns, activities and events that encourage our communities across the Humberside region to stay safe and we look forward in the continuation of working closely with community groups, local authorities, partner agencies and emergency services, who already do so much for our area.”

To find out more about Humber Aid, please visit their webpage.

To find out more about the rewarding role of an On-Call Firefighter and how to apply, please visit this webpage